- get more Amazon product reviews and grow your business

How To Get Reviews on Amazon: The Ultimate Guide

How to get more Amazon product reviews to build customer trust and grow your business.

Introduction: How To Get Amazon Reviews

We want to give you an extensive overview for how to get reviews on Amazon to grow your business. This guide is full of actionable information that you can implement in your business now to get more product reviews on Amazon, without breaking Amazon’s Terms of Service.

In this guide to getting Amazon reviews, we discuss why reviews are so important, the history of incentivized reviews, what makes a good review, and several concrete ways to get more reviews, including package inserts and email autoresponders.

Who is this guide for?

If you’re launching your first product and want to get your first reviews, this guide will be helpful. Alternatively, if you’ve been selling for a while and want to learn how to get more reviews on Amazon, you’ll still likely learn a lot from this guide.

If you’ve never done much work in getting more reviews, you’re best off reading this guide from beginning to end. If you’re more experienced, you’ll probably want to head straight to the chapters that interest you.

This guide will help you get an edge over your competition, so act on as many of the tips as possible!

What’s Included In This Guide to Getting Amazon Reviews

This guide on how to get more reviews on Amazon is broken up into 7 chapters (as well as this intro and a conclusion).

The first couple of chapters provide context. In the first, you’ll learn why getting Amazon reviews is so important for sellers.

Because reviews are so important, there is a history of buying Amazon reviews. The second chapter provides a brief history of the back and forth between sellers paying for reviews and Amazon trying to keep their review system trustworthy.

So you want to know how to get Amazon reviews legally? Read the 2018 review guidelines update in chapter three. In chapter four we discuss what makes a good review, how to respond to a negative review, helpfulness ratings and Verified Purchase Reviews.

Chapters five through eight contain the most actionable information – actual tactics you can apply now to get more Amazon reviews. Chapter five is about using product package inserts to get more reviews on Amazon.

Chapter six provides an overview of the different software tools sellers use to get Amazon reviews.

Chapter seven is about how to get product reviews on Amazon with email autoresponders. We’ll walk you through writing follow-up emails to customers for more reviews.

Finally, in chapter eight, you’ll learn about how to use Facebook Retargeting ads to get more Amazon reviews – a more advanced, but powerful, approach.

Chapter 1: Why Amazon Product Reviews Are So Important2 minProduct reviews are essential for gaining traction on Amazon. Learn why that is exactly.

Chapter 2: A Brief History of Incentivized Reviews (Gaming the Review System)3 minLearn about the cat-and-mouse struggle between review manipulation by sellers and Amazon’s attempts to maintain review integrity.

Chapter 3: Takeaways From The 2018 Amazon Review Guidelines Update7 minLearn how the October 2018 update affects how Amazon sellers can generate product reviews.

Chapter 4: Amazon Verified Purchase Reviews, Good Reviews & Bad Reviews5 minWhat makes a good review. Are bad reviews necessarily bad? Learn about verified purchases and other important components of Amazon reviews.

Chapter 5: Amazon Product Inserts For Reviews3 minLearn how to get more reviews by using product insert cards.

Chapter 6: Amazon Review Tools5 minLearn about two different types of software tools that you can use to get more reviews.

Chapter 7: How to Craft Amazon Review Emails8 minLearn the most important elements of writing email autoresponders to collect product reviews (including a sample email template).

Chapter 8: Facebook Retargeting for Amazon Reviews2 minLearn how to get more reviews by targeting past customers with Facebook Ads.

Chapter 9: Conclusion1 minGetting product reviews is an essential part of gaining traction and building a business on Amazon.

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