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"I was a bit skeptical that 2-Step URLs actually worked ... I used the LandingCube page with the 2-Step Storefront URL. A few days after, I noticed we were Amazon's choice for our main, high-traffic keyword."

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2-Step URLs

Our Amazon Link Shortener makes using Search-Find-Buy or 2-Step URLs a breeze. Simply choose your ASIN and your keywords, and you're good to go. You can even rotate keywords, to target multiple search terms at once.

Create Pixel Links

Add retargeting pixels to your Amazon product pages

Pixel anyone who clicks on to your product pages. This lets you create custom audiences to retarget them later. The following pixels are supported:

Supported URL Types

2-Step Field-ASIN URL

A URL that produces a result page only containing your ASIN.

2-Step Hidden-Keyword URL

Target keywords while restricting products using your ASIN as a hidden keyword.

2-Step Brand URL

Search your brand catalog while targeting a keyword.

2-Step Storefront URL

A URL that produces a keyword search within your storefront.

Add to Cart URL

Send customers straight to Amazon's add to cart page.

Buy together URL

Add multiple Amazon products to their cart at once. This can help to show products as "Frequently Bought Together".

Normal URL

Just a normal URL, such as a clean link to your Amazon listing.

Search Find Buy URL (SFB)

Prompt your customers to search for your keyword on Amazon, then guiding them toward finding and buying your product.

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