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External Traffic: Grow Your Sales. Build A Brand.

Driving external traffic (eg. Facebook, Pinterest, Blogs, …) is the best way to grow your Amazon sales, while building a more resilient brand. Instead of being entirely at Amazon’s mercy, external traffic lets you take back control and build a thriving business that will be around for the long-term.

Improve Rankings

You’ll get more sales which will improve your rankings and Best Sellers Rank.

Capture Emails

Take back control of your customer data, so you can market to them in the future.

Get An Edge

Using untapped traffic sources will give you an edge over your competitors.

Why Most External Traffic Campaigns Fail

There’s a big mistake you should never make: Most people won’t buy if you send them straight to your product listing. This will result in wasted ad spend and a lower conversion rate on your listing. (Most experienced sellers believe that conversion rate is a ranking factor, so you want to make sure it stays as high as possible.)

Luckily, there’s a simple solution to this problem. Using LandingCube’s landing pages, you can ask your prospects for their email address in exchange for a single-use promo code. The result is more sales, higher conversions, better rankings and a customer email list.

LandingCube Converts External Traffic Into Sales

Our tool includes everything you need to grow your business using external traffic.

Gorgeous landing pages that convert

Our beautiful landing pages are optimized to sell a ton of units. They look great on all devices and load lightning fast, so you can make more sales. Best of all, creating landing pages takes less than 3 minutes with our point & click editor.

Build a defensible brand by capturing emails

Once you capture someone’s email, you can market to her in the future. The possibilities are nearly endless: create your own product launch list, drive sales or stay in touch with customers using a weekly newsletter. Building an email list lets you reduce your reliance on Amazon while building a loyal customer base.

(LandingCube is fully compliant with Amazon’s terms of service.)

Automatically send single-use promo codes and boost your sales

LandingCube automates the cumbersome process of manually emailing out single-use promo codes.

Using single-use promos, you give your customers a compelling reason to give you their contact information, while boosting your sales, rankings & BSR.

"After seeing how fast I could set up a landing page, which was literally in under 5 minutes, I saw the real potential and growth of my business. A great way to rank for keywords."

Luke Wechselberger

"LandingCube played a key role in making my last launch a success. It helped build up the sales velocity needed to get my product to rank. Not only that, I now have an email list of targeted, high-quality buyers that I can contact when I launch a product or run a promo."

Lewis Quartey, Amazon Seller

Works With Your Favorite Tools

Choose from a wide range of integration, including your favorite email marketing providers, so you can send your customers straight to your favorite tools.

Experience Landing Pages Built For Your Business.

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