Amazon Influencer Marketing: Promoting Amazon Products Through Influencer Partnerships

Building a blog, social media following and/or podcast can be an effective way to promote your Amazon products. But, it takes a long time to build a following using any of these channels. It may be much more effective to partner up with existing blogs / social media influencers & podcasters to promote your products.


Strategic Positioning For Amazon Sellers [Example SWOT Analysis]

This post will guide you through running a SWOT analysis for your Amazon business. It’s a straightforward practice that will prepare you to make better business and marketing decisions.  Not many Amazon sellers go through a formal exercise like this. By taking the time to do this, you are taking one step ahead of the


The Complete Guide To Understanding Your Amazon Customers

This post is about how Amazon sellers can use digital media to identify their target customer, build an audience and expand their reach.   Essentially, it’s a guide to understanding your Amazon customers.  Amazon provides sellers with an amazing platform to make great money and live a life of freedom. But selling on Amazon is more


How to Reduce Your FBA Long Term Storage Fees

Every year on February 15 & August 15, Amazon charges FBA sellers long-term storage fees. This post is about finding out how much you will pay in long-term storage fees, and how to take proactive steps towards reducing your FBA long-term storage fees. What items are charged? If you have a product with multiple units


Conversion Rate Needs To Be Analyzed In Context

Last month, we published an article on how to use LandingCube to increase your conversion rates on Amazon. But conversion rate is not everything. To be sure, conversion rate is a very important metric. It’s important for evaluating the health of your business. It’s important for Amazon’s ranking system. And it’s important to gauge whether your Amazon landing

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