Three Tips for Managing Your Seller Reputation

Managing your company’s online reputation can be time-consuming and challenging at times. But it’s essential if you want to keep your business healthy and growing. The Amazon marketplace is hyper-competitive for many niches, so having a stellar feedback rating and great reviews can provide the edge you need for success. This post goes over the


How To Create Facebook Lookalike Audiences From Amazon Customer Data

This post provides step-by-step instructions for creating a lookalike audience on Facebook using Amazon customer data. Doing so allows Amazon sellers to target ads to people who Facebook deems are similar to people who have bought their products on Amazon. In campaigns we’ve run with LandingCube, using these lookalike audiences have resulted in capturing leads


Ecommerce Email Marketing [Webinar]

LandingCube teamed up with Empire Flippers for a webinar on e-commerce email marketing. We discussed How e-commerce brands can collect emails. How Amazon sellers can collect emails Different emails e-commerce brands can send How Amazon sellers can use email lists to start selling outside of Amazon How companies with their own e-commerce store can use


How To Compete with Amazon

Is it possible to compete against Amazon? It sounds crazy. Amazon is huge. David vs Goliath. How can you beat them? We’re not talking overtaking them in revenue or market share. But rather selling more on your e-commerce site. It is possible. And this video will provide some tips on how. Thank WebRetailer and Travis


A Guide to Facebook Insights for Amazon Sellers [Infographic]

Facebook Insights for Amazon Sellers It’s becoming ever more important for Amazon sellers to build a brand. Simply selling on Amazon is becoming harder and harder. Building an audience off of Amazon, and using that audience to drive traffic to Amazon, is a great way to grow your brand and sales on Amazon. Building a

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