driving traffic to your amazon listing

How To Drive Traffic To Your Amazon Listing: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to drive external traffic to your Amazon listing, so you can grow your sales and improve your rankings.


Welcome to the complete guide to driving external traffic to Amazon listings. This is the most detailed, comprehensive guide there is on advertising your Amazon product in external sales channels, and features a raft of techniques that will help you grow your traffic and sales on Amazon.

What This Guide Contains

This guide goes over all the steps necessary to become an ace at driving traffic to Amazon.

We’ll touch on;

  • What exactly we mean by external traffic
  • Why external traffic is so powerful
  • How to set up an sales funnel
  • Different traffic sources, and how to advertise on each one

Everything you need to know to start your external traffic strategy is in this guide.

Who Is This Guide For?

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there’s something in here for you.

Never run an external traffic campaign before? No problem! This guide explains why you want to do this, and gives you some examples of simple external traffic sales funnels. We’ll even walk you through setting up your Facebook Ads or Google Ads account.

If you’ve run a campaign or two before, there will be something for you too. We’ll touch on just about every way to drive traffic to your listing, as well as some techniques that you will find beneficial.

Feel free to skip ahead to the chapter that fits for you, or download the guide to read at your convenience.

Chapter 1: Amazon Sales Funnels That Work10 minLearn how to build a successful sales funnel for your Amazon business using external traffic.

Chapter 2: Tools Of The Trade5 minUsing the right tools can make or break your traffic campaign. Learn which tools you’ll need to successfully drive traffic to your Amazon listing.

Chapter 3: Creating Your Amazon Landing Page9 minUsing a landing page is a key element of any successful external traffic campaign. Learn a few essential features of effective landing pages, and how to build one in less than 3 minutes.

Chapter 4: Advertising Amazon Products on Facebook7 minFacebook ads are one of the most powerful external traffic sources for Amazon sellers. Learn how to set up Facebook Ads for your Amazon business.

Chapter 5: Facebook Retargeting for Amazon Products8 minLearn how to show highly effective Facebook retargeting ads to people that have previously bought from you.

Chapter 6: Google AdWords for Amazon Sellers8 minLearn how to use Google AdWords & Search Engine Marketing to grow your Amazon sales and Best Sellers Rank.

Chapter 7: Pinterest for Amazon Sellers12 minPinterest is a powerful and underutilized channel for Amazon sellers. Learn how to drive organic and paid traffic and get sales from Pinterest.

Chapter 8: Adding Traffic Sources & Testing Different Channels10 minLearn about additional sources you can use to drive traffic to Amazon, and the process for adding new external traffic channels.

Chapter 9: Conclusion2 minDriving traffic to your Amazon listings is an essential part of building a sustainable business. Get a summary of the key benefits to external traffic and how to get started.

Just What Is External Traffic?

Before we get started, let’s just introduce what we mean when we say “external traffic”.

For most Amazon sellers, your primary source of traffic and sales is “internal”. This means people who type in amazon.com or open the app, and either find your product from the search results or click on one of your sponsored ads.

External traffic is everything else. This is where, instead of waiting for someone to go to Amazon, you proactively get in front of them somewhere else online. This could be;

  • Paid ads (Google, website ads, etc)
  • Email or instant messenger
  • Social media
  • Website referrals

We say offline, but it could even be offline sources – for example, an ad in a magazine or newspaper with a QR code or URL to your product.

External traffic generally relies on a significantly different approach to generating traffic from inside Amazon. With internal traffic, most of the time you’re optimizing for people who are searching for something to buy. 

External traffic puts the boot on the other foot. You go out and find people, who may not know they want to buy something at this time, and convince them that your product is what they need.

Done right, external traffic is a powerful growth lever that can help you to grow your sales, improve your organic rankings, and build assets that give your business much greater stability.

Key Benefits Of External Traffic

No one’s arguing that organic Amazon traffic is not valuable. But external traffic is a strategy you can use alongside PPC and optimizing for Amazon search, in order to widen your customer base, as well as improving your organic search rankings.

Here are the biggest benefits of external traffic.

Increased Sales Velocity

External traffic channels allow you to reach a whole new audience. You can reach people who may not be actively searching for your type of product, people who otherwise might click on a different product in the search results, or even people who haven’t shopped on Amazon before.

These people all represent sales that you wouldn’t have gotten if you relied only on organic search for your sales.

More sales doesn’t just mean more money in your pocket. It means faster turnaround times on stock, avoiding costly long-term storage fees, as well as being a positive signal to Amazon about the popularity of your product – leading to even more benefits.

Boosting Organic Rankings

To follow on from the previous point, external traffic is a great way to get more organic sales.

Along with reviews and conversion rate, sales velocity is one of the most important ranking factors. More people buying your product shows Amazon that it must be popular. They respond to this by giving it more visibility.

This is why external traffic is great for a product launch. It’s hard to get initial traction for a new product in organic search rankings, so driving sales yourself is often enough to give you the boost in sales velocity necessary to start ranking.

The elephant in the room

Many sellers will tell you that Amazon loves external traffic. So much so that they give 3x the ranking power to sales from customers you send to their site from external sources. This makes driving external traffic even more powerful, and one of the best ways to grow your rankings on Amazon.

Building A Customer List

The other reason external traffic is so powerful is that it allows you to build a customer list.

While Amazon offers a lot of advantages for e-commerce sellers, one way stores are at a disadvantage is not owning their own customers. Everyone who buys from you on Amazon is considered Amazon’s customer – not yours. You can’t reach out to these customers, get their contact details, and build a list.

You can do this, however, if you drive traffic from outside sources. The key is to capture a prospective customer’s contact, such as an email address, before they get to Amazon. That way you don’t risk breaking Amazon’s TOS.

A list is of vital importance to any business, as it is a direct line to your customer base. Most Amazon sellers don’t have this. They get sales from Amazon search or PPC, but Amazon can shut this off at any time, if they think you’re breaking the rules, if the platform has a glitch, or even just with a small change to their algorithm.

If you don’t have a list, you’re always at risk of losing all your customers at a moment’s notice.

So What Next?

Convinced of the benefits of external traffic now?

The next step is to read the rest of this guide. We’ve packed it as full as possible with actionable tips to help you start out and succeed with external traffic.

Click below to move on to chapter one: best practices for Amazon sales funnels.

Chapter 1: Amazon Sales Funnels That Work10 minLearn how to build a successful sales funnel for your Amazon product using external traffic.

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