driving traffic to your amazon listing

How To Drive Traffic To Your Amazon Listing: A Step-By-Step Guide

How to drive external traffic to your Amazon listing, so you can grow your sales and improve your rankings.


We want to give you an extensive overview for driving traffic to your Amazon listing. This guide is full of actionable information that you can implement in your Amazon business.

The core topic we’ll discuss is driving traffic from outside of Amazon to your product page. (This is usually called “outside traffic,” or “external traffic”). Common traffic sources include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and Blogs.

Why drive traffic to your Amazon listing?

Driving external traffic is a great way to grow your Amazon sales while building a more resilient brand.

If you’re not ranking high on Amazon already, driving external traffic lets you boost your sales velocity and rankings. That’s why this approach is incredibly valuable for product launches.

If you already rank well on Amazon, driving traffic to your Amazon listing lets you find additional customers. It also allows you to build a brand so that you can rely less on Amazon in the future.

Instead of being entirely at Amazon’s mercy, external traffic gives you the power to take back control. You can build a more independent business that will be around for the long-term.

By mastering driving traffic to your Amazon listing, you’ll grow your sales, have more successful launches, and build a long-term brand. You’ll become less reliant on Amazon while getting an edge over your competitors.

Who is this guide for?

If you’re launching your first product, you’ll definitely find this guide valuable. If you’ve been selling for a while, you’ll still likely learn a lot from this guide.

If you’ve never run an external traffic campaign before, you’re best off reading this guide from beginning to end. If you’re more experienced, you’ll probably want to head straight to the chapters that interest you.

This guide will help you get an edge over your competition, so act on as many of the tips as possible!

Chapter 1: An Amazon Sales Funnel That Works4 minLearn how to build a successful sales funnel for your Amazon business using external traffic.

Chapter 2: Tools Of The Trade3 minUsing the right tools can make or break your traffic campaign. Learn which tools you’ll need to successfully drive traffic to your Amazon listing.

Chapter 3: Creating Your Amazon Landing Page4 minUsing a landing page is a key element of any successful external traffic campaign. Learn how to build a landing page in less than 3 minutes.

Chapter 4: Driving Traffic To Your Amazon Listing6 minLearn how to drive traffic to your Amazon listing, and which traffic channels are particularily promising.

Chapter 5: Advertising Amazon Products on Facebook4 minFacebook ads are one of the most powerful external traffic sources for Amazon sellers. Learn how to set up Facebook Ads for your Amazon business.

Chapter 6: Facebook Retargeting for Amazon Products8 minLearn how to show highly effective Facebook retargeting ads to people that have previously bought from you.

Chapter 7: Google AdWords for Amazon Sellers7 minLearn how to use Google AdWords & Search Engine Marketing to grow your Amazon sales and Best Sellers Rank.

Chapter 8: Getting Product Reviews3 minDriving traffic to your Amazon listing is a great way to get more reviews. Learn how to boost your reviews, while staying fully compliant with Amazon’s terms of service.

Chapter 9: Conclusion1 minDriving traffic to your Amazon listings is an essential part of building a sustainable business.

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