How to Use Amazon Product Inserts for Reviews

Placing physical inserts inside your products’ packaging can be a very effective way for Amazon sellers to get product reviews (particularly Verified Purchase reviews).

These don’t have to be super complicated.

Basically, you want to make sure you:

1) Follow the rules

2) Remind customers why they bought your product (highlight the benefits)

3) Ask them to leave a review and include instructions for doing so

4) Keep the design simple, easy-to-read and brand-congruent

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Don’t Break the Rules

Make sure your inserts are compliant with Amazon’s Terms of Services. A couple of reviews aren’t worth getting your seller account suspended. So be a good seller and don’t break the rules

You cannot offer a discount or any kind of incentive for a review. This is strictly against Amazon’s rules, and risks getting your account suspended.

You also have to encourage honest reviews – not strictly positive reviews. You’re not allowed to direct someone to Amazon only if they liked it, and to your own customer service channel if they are unhappy.

The above example would be in violation of terms of service, as it only asks for a review from happy customers, while asking unhappy customers to contact the company directly.

What to Include in Product Inserts for Amazon Reviews

The card should be simple. It should first and foremost express your gratitude towards the customer, as well as conveying your brand’s voice and identity.

Only after that, you include a call-to-action asking for a review.

So what should you include?

Thank you & Benefits

First, show your appreciation and thank the customer for their business.

Then list your product’s main benefits – what makes your product unique from the competition? This reminds the customer why your product is awesome, to get them in a positive frame of mind.

Doing this will reduce the chances that they return the product, and increase the chances of them leaving a positive review.

Also, the more value they get out of your product, the more likely they will be to leave an awesome review. So including some tips on how to get the most value out of the product can be very effective.

Ask For a Review

Asking for reviews in a clear and simple way, that also plays on the customers’ nobler motives is a great way to ask.

Could you please leave us a product review? It helps our small business immensely, and also helps other customers make more informed decisions. Thank you 🙂

  1. Sign into
  2. Hover over Account & Lists
  3. Under Your Account, click Your Orders Orders
  4. Find this order and click Write a Product Review
  5. Be honest 🙂

You can reach us at anytime at  XXX-XXX-XXXX or’

To comply with Amazon’s stricter product review policies, you should make sure you’re asking for an honest review – not just a positive one.

Indirect Approach

Other sellers have found success with a more indirect approach. They don’t directly ask for a review in the insert. Instead, they include instructions for claiming a 1-year warranty on their site. Customers have to input their email to claim the warranty. Once they have the email, they can ask for a review.

However, this indirect way might be considered a violation of Amazon’s Terms of Service, because you are collecting the email after selling on Amazon. Amazon explicitly says not to message its customers for marketing purposes.

To Divert or Not to Divert?

By the letter of Amazon’s terms, putting a link on your product insert or packaging to divert a customer to off-Amazon channels (such as your website or social media), is most likely against the rules.

However, many sellers disregard this, and choose to risk it, as this is an area that is not easily policed by Amazon.

If you choose to go this route, this is a good chance to try and get people on your email list or into Facebook Messenger flows. Add a link on the insert to a LandingCube landing page, with an exclusive discount for the customer’s next purchase, or for a different product.

A QR code or link to a landing page with an email optin is a great way to capture email addresses from your customers.

LandingCube’s software is the market leader for Amazon-specific email capture landing pages, trusted by thousands of Amazon sellers to help them build an audience.

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Product Insert Design Tips

Product inserts are usually about the size of business cards. Or a bit larger. 

Make your product cards easy to read. Don’t jam too much information on a small card. 

Put your brand logo on the card. And infuse your brand voice into it (and all communications).

Sample Insert Cards for Reviews

Here are two examples of insert cards used to generate Amazon reviews.

Card 1:

Product insert card used to get more amazon reviews

This product insert pushes hard for the review – possibly too much so. But some people may have success with a strong approach like this.

It also likely breaks the rules of only asking for reviews from happy customers – although the call to action at the bottom does ask for honest reviews, which might make this card ok.

(Note that this is an old example, made when directing unhappy customers to your own service channels was not explicitly prohibited in Amazon’s terms).

Card 2:

Product Insert for an Amazon review example #2

This product insert card focuses a lot more on thanking the customer and providing value, which will likely make it more effective in the long run.

A card like this helps put your customer in a positive mindset, and view your product (and your brand/company) in a good light.

That’s a great way to encourage people to subconsciously leave good reviews, as well as remembering you in the future, potentially generating repeat sales down the line.

Which of these two inserts is better? The second one certainly has a more inviting design. The way it plays primarily on thanking the customer and offering a reminder of the product’s value helps you build a brand with a solid, likable identity.

The first card may wind up being more effective at getting reviews, since it is straight and to the point. A great feature of this insert card is that it offers step-by-step instructions on how to leave a review. Don’t underestimate how many customers don’t know how to post a review, and decide to give up because of that.

The first example could be considered a breach of terms of service, however, so use this approach at your own risk.

Using Amazon Product Inserts to Get Reviews: In Summary

In this post, we discussed how to use product inserts to get product reviews on Amazon. The main things are to not break Amazon’s Terms, keep the cards simple, highlight the benefits of your product, and include instructions for customers to leave a review.

Get more tips on getting Amazon product reviews with our Complete Guide to Amazon Reviews.

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