New Feature: Email Signup Pages

We’ve got a great new feature to make it easier for you to get people on your email list.

Our new “Signup Pages” let you create a basic landing page that asks people to enter their email and join your list.

That’s it – practically everything above the fold, no fluff, nothing complicated about it.

Use Cases

Don’t be fooled by how simple this feature is – Signup Pages can be really powerful.

The best way to use this feature is for a link on your product insert.

You can mention an offer or promotion on your insert, and put the link to your Signup Page for where the customer can redeem it/sign up.

To make it work even better, connect your own domain and create a custom link that’s easy for the customer to type in (e.g. “”).

Not everyone will follow the link and sign up. But if you put this link on your product insert, and get it in front of every single buyer, your signups are going to add up quick.

You could use this to build your email list for free, just by asking people to sign up.

To build your list quicker, though, I’d suggest you offer some kind of incentive for people to go to the link and enter their email.

Here are some ideas for optin incentives:

Warranty Optin

Offer an extended warranty or guarantee for your product, which the customer has to enter their email for.

PDF Giveaway

Give away a free PDF, ebook or info product related to your product. I love this idea, as it is not only a great reason for someone to give you their email, but it can also help people get more value out of your product – which is going to lead to more happy customers (and positive reviews).

Common examples would be a recipe book, exercise guide or installation guide.

Free Product Offer

Offer customers a free product, or a free gift – sort of a “thank you” for buying. This is a powerful incentive, though it may be more expensive than other options. Nevertheless, it’s guaranteed to grow your email list fast.

Newsletter Signup

Ask people to join your email newsletter. This is a low-cost option, but expect a lower signup rate if you’re not offering a concrete incentive.

For better results here, give people an idea of what kind of content they can expect, rather than simply “sign up for our newsletter”.

VIP List

Another way to frame the plain email signup is by giving customers the option to sign up for a “VIP list”, or something along those lines. Let the customers know they’ll be first in line for future offers, discounts and new product launches when they join the list.

This can be a cheap way to build your list too, but only if customers love your product/brand. If your product is dull or boring, there’s no reason for customers to want to sign up.

How Signup Pages Help You Get More Reviews

Okay, now this is where this feature gets really powerful.

LandingCube Signup Pages are a great way to get more reviews.

This allows you to get real emails from your customers, soon after they’ve received your product.

You can then use this to send a follow-up email asking them to leave a review on Amazon.

The best thing is, it’s pretty easy to set up an automation with any email marketing tool, so this process works on autopilot.

Here’s how I’d do it (using a PDF giveaway as the optin incentive):

Step One: get your PDF/ebook made

Step Two: make your Signup Page

Step Three: connect the page with an email marketing tool (MailChimp, Klaviyo, etc). Set up an automated email that sends the PDF to the customer after they sign up through this page.

Step Four: set up another email, a few days later. Write something like:


I hope you’re enjoying the ebook. Feel free to send us an email if you have any questions.

While I’ve got you, could I ask a favor? It would mean a lot if you could take 2 minutes to leave a quick review of your product on Amazon.

This helps us improve our products, and makes it easier for other shoppers to know what to expect.

Click here to write a review: [review link]

Thanks for being so awesome!


Owner, Brand.”

This takes probably 30 minutes of work on your part. Once that’s done, you’ve got an automated review outreach sequence, using your customer’s real email (not buyer-seller messaging).

If you consider the value of a review, as well as an email subscriber, you only need a handful of reviews a month to justify the cost of getting your ebook made, and the two software tools (LandingCube and an email marketing tool).

How to Set up a Signup Page

To make your signup page, go to your LandingCube dashboard, hit New Campaign, then choose Signup Landing Page.

There are three simple steps.

First, customize the design of your page. You can fully customize the text, upload your own image, and customize the color scheme with the color pickers provided.

Next, hook up your email marketing tool, and add Facebook Pixel/Google Analytics tracking (if you want this).

If you don’t have an email provider to connect, or your provider isn’t listed, leave this as “No provider”. Your optins will be stored locally in your LandingCube account anyway, and you can export these at any time.

You can customize your button text and optin text here too, by hitting Optin Form Settings.

Finally, choose your page URL. If you’ve already connected your own domain, you’ll be able to choose this from the dropdown menu.

Hit Publish to make your page live.

If you have any questions, or anything you think is missing, contact us anytime and we’ll be happy to help.

If you’re not using LandingCube yet, you can try it free for 21 days – complete with all features, including the new Signup Pages.

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