How to Promote Amazon Products on Facebook [Video Course]

This video course on how to promote Amazon products on Facebook will help Amazon sellers create their first Facebook Ads campaign, and provide additional tips & insights to take your ads to the next level.


We  made these videos to get Amazon sellers up to speed on how to promote Amazon products on Facebook. Facebook Ads provide an excellent way for Amazon sellers to get more exposure, sell more products and build a more resilient brand and business. And we work with hundreds of sellers who struggle with Facebook Ads, so we made this course to make it easier.

Billions of people are using Facebook. So by learning how to run Facebook Ads you can show your brand and Amazon products to more people.  Not only that, but with Facebook’s sophisticated targeting tools, you can show your products to the right people. That is, people most likely to give you money, become long-term customers and raving fans!

Even if you’re not ranking high on Amazon, you can get people to your listings. And if you do it the right way, your organic rankings on Amazon will increase from your Facebook promotions.

Learning how to promote Amazon products on Facebook will expand your marketing toolbox and help you grow your business. You’ll acquire additional ways of contacting customers & potential customers. And you’ll gain a leg up on the competition.

Who Is the Video Course on How to Promote Amazon Products on Facebook For?

We made this video course on Facebook Ads for Amazon sellers especially for beginners. So if you have no experience with Facebook Ads, watching these videos will help you launch your first campaign. From setting up your account, configuring the Facebook Pixel to actually creating your ad. We work with lots of Amazon sellers new to Facebook Ads, and many of them struggle with the basics. So we made this course to make your life easier.

But even if you do have experience, there are lots of tips & insights here that can help you improve the result of your Facebook Ads for Amazon products. You’ll learn how to create lookalike audiences from your Amazon customer data and how to collect emails. And you’ll gain a better understanding of ad and landing page copy that actually works.

Chapter 1: How to Setup A Facebook Ads Account5 minIn this video we walk you through creating a Facebook Business Account, a Business Page & Ad account.

Chapter 2: How to Setup The Facebook Pixel3 minThis video shows how to setup the Facebook Pixel. The Pixel allows you to track behaviors that people who click on your ad take, so you can track ROI and do retargeting.

Chapter 3: How To Setup Your First Facebook Ad Campaign To Sell Amazon Products3 minThis video walks you through creating your first campaign. It also shows the overall structure of Facebook Ads Manager.

Chapter 4: Facebook Ad Set & Pixel Conversion Events For Amazon Promotions5 minThis video discusses Ad Sets and the type of conversion event to setup for your ads for Amazon products.

Chapter 5: Targeting Cold Audiences – Facebook Ads for Amazon 6 minThis video walks through Facebook’s awesome targeting tool. We discuss how to build cold audiences, that is using demographics, interests & behaviors to build an audience that resembles your target customer.

Chapter 6: How To Create Custom & Lookalike Audiences On Facebook To Promote Amazon Products13 minThis video shows how to create custom & lookalike audiences using customer data available within Seller Central- that is show ads directly to past customers, or Facebook users similar to your past customers. Proceed at your own risk 🙂

Chapter 7: Split Testing Facebook Ads For Amazon 2 minThis video is a theoretical discussion about the importance of split testing & having an experimental mindset when running Facebook Ads (or doing any digital marketing).

Chapter 8: Placements, Budget, Schedule – Advertising Amazon Products on Facebook2 minThis video wraps up the Ad Set. So we discuss where you can show your ads, how much to spend & how long to run the campaign for.

Chapter 9: Creating Facebook Ads That Work (Formats, Creative, Copy) For Amazon5 minThis video goes over actually creating the ad. We discuss the different formats of ad creative & provide some tips for good creative & copy.

Chapter 10: Using Landing Pages For Amazon Promotions (+ Copy Tips)4 minThis video shows you why & how to use a landing page to drive traffic to. It’s super easy & allows you to collect emails & do retargeting.

Chapter 11: Optimizing & Iterating Facebook Ads For Amazon2 minThis video gives an overview of improving ads over time by using the data inside Ads Manager to create new ad sets & ads.

Chapter 12: Retargeting Facebook Ads For Amazon 3 minThis video shows you how to do retargeting – ie build audiences made up of & show ads to people that have taken very specific actions (clicked on a past ad, entered their email, etc).

Chapter 13: Wrapping Up – How To Sell Amazon Products on Facebook1 minAfter watching all these videos on Facebook Ads For Amazon FBA Sellers, you should have the tools for a profitable campaign!

Free Facebook Ads Cheatsheet

Download this PDF cheatsheet to start growing your Amazon business with Facebook Ads.