9 Ways to Use AI in Your Amazon Business in 2023

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We’re at the start of one of the biggest technological revolutions of all time. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has exploded onto the world stage in the last year, with the introduction of Chat GPT, along with countless other AI tools and services.

If you’re an Amazon seller, there are many powerful use cases for AI in your Amazon store. From generating content to optimizing your product listings, AI can be incredibly powerful – and it’s only getting better.

You might know a bit about AI, but not how to utilize it in your Amazon business. If that’s you, read on, and we’ll share some of the most dynamic use cases for AI for Amazon sellers.

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How to Use AI for Amazon Sellers

You might be unsure how AI can work for you. Perhaps you don’t trust it. Maybe you’ve watched Terminator 2 a few too many times, and feel like this is exactly what Sarah Connor was warning us about.

But soon enough, we’re all going to be using AI for a wide range of tasks and jobs. We’ve come up with nine Amazon AI use cases, to help sellers like you grow and run your business more efficiently. Here they are:

Write Amazon Listing Copy

AI is still evolving, but it’s already great at generating text. That’s why a ton of Amazon sellers are already using it to write product listings.

You can generate parts of your Amazon listing with AI (such as the title, bullet points), or the whole thing, depending on how much you’re willing to rely on AI in its current state.

There’s already a huge number of AI writing tools on the market. There are general-purpose AI writing tools (e.g. Jasper), along with a growing number of tools specifically for Amazon sellers.

Perci is one example, which is optimized for Amazon formatting, rules, regulations and SEO.

You could also use Chat GPT for this. Chat GPT is a free AI-powered chatbot. It’s cheaper and more flexible than using a purpose-built tool, but the tradeoff is that you need to put more effort into your inputs, in order to get the highest-quality outputs.

Play around with both options – generating Amazon listing copy with Chat GPT or Amazon AI tools. You’ll be surprised how good AI is for this kind of thing.

Keyword Research & Listing Optimization

AI is also great for finding keyword opportunities, and fitting these keywords into your Amazon listing.

This is essentially the perfect use case for AI. The AI can scour thousands of similar product listings, taking out all the commonly used keywords and phrases which you should include in your own listing, which would take far too long to do manually.

AI tools (such as Chat GPT or purpose-built Amazon AI listing optimization tools) can then add these phrases throughout your listing copy. All you need to do is check that it makes sense, then enjoy the boost in Amazon SEO traffic.

Create Product Images

Most people know how good AI is now at generating written content, but it can also generate some pretty incredible images.

Originally, this was mostly just art. You could create wacky, AI-generated images using a few different tools, most of which run off the back of the DALL·E system by OpenAI (the same company that built and runs Chat GPT).

But as this technology improves, you can generate increasingly photo-realistic images. It’s still not possible quite yet to create a perfect image of your product from scratch, but there are AI tools, such as CreatorKit, that allow you to generate unique backgrounds and edit your existing images to make them pop.

This is a great alternative to taking lifestyle images. It’s much cheaper and easier, and it’s much more effective for conversions when you show your product off in realistic conditions (as opposed to a blank white background).

Create Product Videos


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The amazing power of AI doesn’t end with images. It can even help you generate product videos.

Videos are a superb way to get more conversions on your listing. They capture your customers’ attention better, and a lot of your competitors don’t have video content, making this a big point of difference if you do.

Video content is even better for social media content, as they are better than static images at stopping people from scrolling when your ad shows up in their news feed. Having videos also allows you to advertise on a wider range of platforms, such as Instagram stories and TikTok.

Oxolo is one tool out on the market for this now. It’s made specifically for ecommerce sites, and uses digital models to put a (seemingly) human face next to your product.

Offeo is another video creation tool, which is perfect for creating social media/marketing videos.

If you can figure out how to use AI to create videos, you can save a lot compared to the cost of professional production crews.

Product/Competitor Research

Much like keyword research, AI is a great fit for researching new product ideas and surveying your competition.

AI – Chat GPT in particular – does idea generation very well. Though the ideas it comes up with are not always perfect or applicable to what you’re looking for, it usually gives you something useful to work with.

You could use it to come up with new products to launch in your niche, or feature ideas for a new product you’re about to launch.

AI can also be used to analyze competitors’ product reviews and come up with common likes/dislikes of customers. You can get quite creative with this – as long as you find the right input, Chat GPT/AI can do some incredible things.

Inventory Management

Amazon sellers need to get inventory management spot on in order to optimize sales and profitability. You want enough stock on hand so that you don’t run out, but not so much that you waste cash flow and spend too much on storage fees.

AI is a good way to optimize your inventory management practices. It has the ability to analyze your incoming and outgoing stock, and come up with the perfect plan for how much to order and when.

This is something Amazon sellers have already been using AI tools for, even before Chat GPT exploded on the scene. Forecasting tools like SoStocked use AI and machine learning technology to do exactly what we talked about.

Now, with the advancement of AI and the introduction of more ways for developers to utilize AI in their products, expect more tools to come on the market that help with this kind of thing.

Content Creation

Back to the familiar topic of Chat GPT and AI writing tools. These AI tools can help you create a lot of different types of content, other than just your product listing copy.

This could be social media posts, emails, or even long-form blog posts.

AI is best suited for shorter marketing copy. It’s great at condensing your value proposition into short, sharp copy that converts. You can even have it generate a few different variations to split test.

Customer Service

No, you don’t want to completely outsource your customer service to robots. But AI can certainly make your life easier on this front.

Ever struggle to come up with the right words to use to respond to a customer’s question or complaint? If you are, just plug it in to Chat GPT and have it generate a response.

You might need to change a couple of things, but it’s usually more or less spot on. It’s particularly good to use for responding to unhappy customers, because it naturally responds without emotion, giving you some calm and professional words to send back to the customer.

Amazon PPC Optimization

Last, but not least, AI and machine learning technology is perfect for optimizing your Amazon PPC.


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Like inventory management tools, Amazon PPC tools and services have been using machine learning for a long time already. This is how these tools are able to pour over all your Amazon ads data to come up with a strategy to perfect your ad campaigns.

SellerMetrics is one of the leading tools in this area. Their software has been battle-tested over a number of years, clearly helping thousands of Amazon sellers make more sales from less ad spend.

There’s no reason you should be running your Amazon PPC completely on your own today, when there’s so much insight AI-powered software tools can give you to shape your campaigns and strategies.

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How to Use AI in Your Business (the Right Way)

AI can do some amazing things already. It can automate time-consuming tasks, and do jobs that you’d otherwise need to hire a talented human being for.

But if you blindly rely on AI, things can go really wrong. No one wants to read content or copy that’s clearly been written by a machine. AI can also make mistakes, interpret data incorrectly, and provide information that isn’t what you were looking for.

Whenever you use AI – for any use case, but especially for Amazon sellers – you should review and correct (if necessary) its output.

If you get AI to generate your listing copy, have a human go over it and check that it makes sense and reads well.

For content, AI can usually come up with something that’s ~95% of the desired standard. Almost always, it needs a small personal touch to make it perfect.

Be sure to use AI as a tool, rather than as an employee in and of itself.

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The Future of AI for Amazon Sellers

Many people believe that we’re still in the early stages of the AI revolution. OpenAI’s technology (such as Chat GPT) is still relatively new, and constantly improving.

That means we’re likely to see massive improvements in the future with what AI is able to do. It will likely be able to provide more powerful solutions for marketing and operations, and massively improve efficiency in your business.

Many Amazon AI tools are still quite new. In the future, we’ll see these tools become more refined, as well as seeing a lot more come onto the scene.

What we can be quite sure of is that automation is extremely valuable for Amazon sellers. Amazon businesses have a lot of moving parts, a lot of little tasks, many of which can be automated.

Doing this allows you to save money on staff, get more done in less time, and spend more of your time and energy on things that actually grow your business.


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