The Best Amazon Autoresponder Software and Feedback Tools for 2021

Amazon autoresponder software is a must-have part of an Amazon seller’s toolbox.

These Amazon feedback tools let you automatically send emails to your customers, generally with the aim of getting more reviews or opening channels to provide customer service.

Additionally, there are tools you can use to get in touch with customers outside of Amazon, in your own channels.

This post will introduce some of the most effective feedback generation tools out there for Amazon sellers in 2021.

Amazon Feedback Tools: How to Use Email to Get More Feedback & Reviews

Email is a powerful communication channel: low cost and low friction means you have the potential to generate a really good return on investment (ROI).

For Amazon sellers, the biggest payoff in terms of ROI is not direct sales, but reviews.

When you get more reviews for your product, you’re also going to see positive gains in organic search rankings, click-through rate, and conversion rate.

An effective campaign to generate product reviews can end up having a nearly exponential effect on your revenue, by giving your products more visibility, and more organic sales.

There are two ways you can do this with email: Amazon autoresponders and off-Amazon email marketing.

Amazon Autoresponders

Amazon email marketing tools are designed primarily to help Amazon sellers get more reviews and manage their reviews/feedback.

These tools connect to your Amazon Seller Central account via API, to manage and send emails through Amazon buyer-seller messages.

By doing this, you can set up automated email sequences based on a variety of triggers. For example, a personalized sequence that sends after every sale, or a sequence that updates your customer on the status of their order.

Here are some of the best Amazon autoresponder tools.


FeedbackWhiz is a powerful review generation tool, as well as a way to manage your reviews and seller feedback, to prevent or mitigate the effects of negative reviews.

The meat of the tool is the ability to set up automated sequences to request reviews from customers, or to reach out and provide customer service before negative reviews come in.

However there are a number of other useful features to the product, such as:

FeedbackWhiz has a free trial, as well as a free plan, which makes it the best free Amazon autoresponder for anyone brand new to selling on Amazon.


FeedbackFive (from eComEngine) is another tool that offers automated review follow-up sequences, as well as review tracking by ASIN.

It also lets you automate use of the “request a review” button inside of Amazon, which is a really powerful way to ask for reviews without worrying about getting in trouble with Amazon’s Terms of Service.

FeedbackFive also allows sellers to set up campaigns in a number of different marketplaces, including popular EU marketplaces and Amazon Australia.

There is a free plan available for FeedbackFive, as well as an affordable basic plan, however both offer limited functionality.


AMZFinder can help sellers reach out for reviews, seller feedback and more with smart email sequences and pre-built review request templates.

The tool also has an automated VAT invoice generator, especially useful for EU stores selling predominantly to business customers.

AMZFinder is a little pricier than other options, but their plans (even the lowest) offer a high level of functionality, including access to all their supported marketplaces, as well as generous limits to monthly emails sent (starting at 5,000 per month on their lowest plan).

Feedback Genius

Feedback Genius (part of the Seller Labs suite) features all you need in an autoresponder tool – smart messaging workflows, A/B testing, and notifications for negative reviews.

They also have a number of pre-built templates, to help sellers who are totally new to email marketing and review generation sequences.

Feedback Genius comes as part of the larger Seller Labs bundle, which includes Ignite (PPC advertising tool), Scope (keyword research tool) and Performance (seller account monitoring & reporting tool).

Building Your Own Autoresponder: Off-Amazon Tools

The other option to set up email sequences and get in front of your customers is to do it outside Amazon.

This doesn’t have to be an alternative to autoresponders. In fact, email marketing on and off Amazon can work extremely well in tandem.

Amazon API autoresponders are a good way to get in front of a large number of customers, as you can send emails to everyone who buys from you (as long as they haven’t opted out of Amazon messages).

Email sequences outside Amazon will reach a smaller audience (as you can’t get the real email address of all your Amazon customers), but the channel will be more personal and more likely to get engagement.

To message your customers outside of Amazon, you’ll need to capture their email before their get to Amazon.

Using Amazon Landing Pages to Collect Emails

The best way to get the emails you need to communicate with your customers outside of Amazon is driving external traffic to a landing page.

Here’s how it works; you’ll get in front of customers in channels like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or other social media.

Instead of giving people a link straight to your Amazon product, you’ll send them to a landing page with an email optin for a discount code.

When your customer gives you their email, they go on and buy on Amazon, and you can use this email to get in touch with the customer afterwards (this is fully within Amazon’s terms of service).

The only thing you need to watch out for with this strategy is the discount you’re offering. If too many reviews come in from highly discounted sales, you could trigger Amazon’s system and have your reviews deleted.

If you want to use email to ask for reviews outside of Amazon, it’s best to use a smaller discount code (less than 30%) as an optin incentive, or use a different kind of optin magnet, like an informational ebook.

Here are the tools you need to build an email marketing strategy like this:

Amazon Landing Page Tool

First, you’ll need a tool that makes it quick and easy to build a landing page (a standalone web page) with email optin capability.

The best tool for Amazon sellers to capture emails? LandingCube.

LandingCube is a landing page tool built from the ground up for Amazon sellers. It gives you everything you need to convert external traffic into customers and collect emails.

The best part about LandingCube is that it takes just minutes to set up a conversion-optimized landing page capable of capturing emails, so you don’t need to hire a developer, or have any coding skills yourself to create your web page.

Email Marketing Tools for Amazon Sellers

The next thing you’ll need is an email marketing tool.

The tools we talked about above only work within Amazon’s messaging system. So to send real emails to your customers, you’ll need a separate email marketing tool.

Of course, you can manually send emails from your email provider (e.g. Google) too. However, to scale past sending just one or two emails, you will have to sign up to a legit tool.

Here are some recommendations:


MailChimp is totally free to start. You can add up to 2,000 email subscribers and send up to 12,000 emails a month (that’s a lot) without paying a dime.

Not only is MailChimp free to begin with, it’s incredibly easy to use. If you’re an entry-level seller, you can’t go wrong with MailChimp.


Used by 100,000+ small businesses, AWeber is one of the most popular email marketing tools in the world. It’s been around for a long time and comes at a very reasonable price point.


We’ve been using Drip from the day they launched over four years ago. Drip boasts advanced marketing automation features such as workflows while remaining easy to use.


ConvertKit has a similar feature set to Drip but is mostly targeted at bloggers. It boasts powerful marketing automation features and a beautiful, easy-to-use interface.


Klaviyo has fast become one of the top email marketing tools for e-commerce sellers. This tool is geared specifically towards e-commerce, with an extremely powerful feature set. They offer pricing based on the size and activity of your email list, so it can be quite affordable when you’re just starting out.


EmailOctopus is super effective for building time-based email drip sequences. This means you can set up smart automations that decide just when a subscriber should receive an email, such as an automated follow-up email intended to ask for a review. Their segmentation tools and email templates are extremely powerful – and they even have a free plan if you’re completely new to email marketing.

Looking for other email marketing providers? You can’t go wrong with GetResponse or ActiveCampaign.

The Best Amazon Feedback Tools

People may debate whether on-Amazon or off-Amazon is the best way to utilize email marketing to get reviews. However, the best option is to use both strategies at the same time.

The key to getting more reviews is to have a number of different touch points. You don’t want to ask once, in one channel, and leave it at that.

You can drive external traffic and capture emails, then ask for reviews via real emails. At the same time, you can use an Amazon autoresponder to follow up with Amazon customers and ask for reviews again.

As a plus, an Amazon feedback tool lets you monitor and manage your product reviews, as well as providing customer service in more areas, which will lead to a higher number of postive reviews and fewer bad ones.


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