LandingCube vs ZonPages: The Best Landing Page Tool for Amazon?

To build an external traffic sales funnel geared for success, you’ll need a great looking landing page to show off your awesome product. The best, quickest, and most effective way to do this with a landing page tool built specifically for Amazon FBA.

LandingCube and ZonPages are two of the most popular tools for Amazon sellers. And while we’re a little biased (just a little!), we can tell you that LandingCube is the best tool out there right now.

I tried almost every landing page software out there, yours [LandingCube] was the best to come out.

Matt Chandler, Amazon Seller.

LandingCube is fantastic. I couldn’t do what I do today without LandingCube. It frees up my time. I don’t need to work with a dev, it’s all there for me. It’s seamless, the JSON ads are seamless. It’s a huge time-saver for me.

Tony Brooks, 7-figure Amazon Seller & Amazon launch consultant.

Read on to see just why LandingCube is the best landing page tool for Amazon sellers in 2020.

What is a landing page?

Don’t know exactly what a “landing page” is? That’s fine! Let’s clear it up.

Landing pages are used heavily in digital marketing, usually to drive sales or email signups. While technically a landing page is any web page someone first “lands” on when they get to your site, in marketing terms it relates to a standalone page with one clearly defined goal or conversion.

The page is specifically optimized for this one goal, as opposed to a regular web page (say, your website’s homepage, for example), which is more about conveying information.

A sale is often the “conversion” goal for a landing page. But sometimes another goal may prove more valuable than an actual sale. For Amazon sellers, you might find that an email signup brings more value in the long-run than an immediate sale, as this email can be used to bring back repeat sales, build audiences and ask for reviews/feedback.

A landing page is used when you drive traffic from a source like Facebook Ads, Google Ads, other social media or email.

This forms a funnel. The first step of your funnel is the ad, or email. The second step is your landing page – which is designed to take the person from the top of your funnel to the bottom.

You might think it makes more sense to send people straight to Amazon, instead of building a funnel such as this.

This can often be a mistake. Sending people straight to your product listing without a middle step results in a lot of low-quality traffic reaching your listing and not buying. This drops your conversion rate, and as a result, your rankings too.

If you have a warm audience (meaning an audience that is targeted and ready to buy), you can get away with sending people straight to Amazon. In this case, it’s a good idea to use branded links with an analytics pixel embedded.

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Why you need a landing page tool

Do you really need a software tool to make a landing page?

Technically no. You can build a web page using code. But it’ll take a ton of time and expertise, or you’ll have to pay someone a lot of money to build a custom landing page.

That’s why so many marketers, in all niches, use landing page tools. Tools like LeadPages and Unbounce are hugely popular and have millions of users from all over. That’s because they let anyone build a professional, high-converting landing page, whether or not you know how to code.

Amazon sellers have a lot on their plate, from dealing with suppliers to optimizing listings, advertising and managing inventory. Learning how to code is not something that most sellers have time for. That’s why a landing page tool is so valuable.

What to look for in a landing page tool for FBA

When deciding on the best landing page tool for FBA, you need to know what to look for.


For Amazon sellers, time is the most valuable commodity. You want a tool that’s easy to use and makes it quick to build a professional-looking landing page.

General-purpose landing page builders, like the previously mentioned LeadPages and Unbounce, have a massive feature set, which is why they are the industry leaders for digital marketing. However, if you’re an Amazon seller, you may not have the time to sift through all these features, nor the necessity for so many bells and whistles.

An Amazon landing page tool like LandingCube or ZonPages makes it much quicker. You can plug in your Amazon product, do a few small customizations, and get going in just minutes.

2.Redirect URL Feature

You’ll want something that supports custom destination URLs, such as 2-step URLs. Today, keyword-optimized URLs are widely used by Amazon sellers to target keywords with high search volume. If you’re using a landing page, you want to be able to make use of 2-step URLs to boost your rankings for important keywords.

[Click here to read more about 2-step URLs]

3.Coupon Distribution & Email Capture

Your landing page tool should have the ability to distribute discount promo codes and capture email addresses, as this is one of the most powerful things you can do with external traffic – building a list you can use for marketing over and over in the future.


The tool also needs to have the functionality to stop people from abusing your page and claiming multiple coupons (this is a way for copycat sellers to purchase your product for cheap and resell it).


Finally, if you’re going to use a tool to automatically generate a landing page, you want it to look good! With the addition of a few different templates, to fit in with your branding.

LandingCube vs ZonPages – Features

Ready to go? Let’s look at each tool’s feature set, and how they stack up against each other.

Pros of LandingCube vs ZonPages

Let’s look at the standout areas of each tool, and where each one has the edge over the other.

LandingCube Pros

Ease of use

LandingCube is the most intuitive landing page builder for Amazon. The interactive design editor means it’s super quick and easy to build a landing page that looks great.

LandingCube’s page editor lets you easily edit your landing page design, and see the changes in real-time.

LP templates

If you want a little variety, LandingCube has multiple landing page templates to choose from, all professionally designed with conversions in mind.

Simple Messenger integration

LandingCube’s Messenger bots are the easiest way to distribute discount codes through Facebook Messenger. No ManyChat or Messenger experience necessary, just set up your ad, plug in your code and it’s ready to go.

More supported marketplaces

Selling globally? LandingCube supports 11 Amazon marketplaces (compared to 7 from ZonPages).

Market-leading customer service

LandingCube’s commitment to customer service, as well as our knowledge base and educational content, is what helps our users be more successful than with other tools.

Comprehensive URL creator

Most sellers have caught on to the power of keyword-targeted URLs for ranking. LandingCube campaigns include an in-built URL builder with all the 2-step URL options the top sellers are using.

Comprehensive email provider integrations

LandingCube is the best option for building an email list, due to our seamless integrations with all the top e-commerce email marketing providers, such as Klaviyo, MailChimp and Drip.

ZonPages Pros

AWS Integration

ZonPages includes an API integration with Amazon, while LandingCube at this point does not. That means there are a few things that are possible with ZonPages but not with LandingCube, such as automating max order quantity and integrating with buyer-seller messages.

Buyer-seller messages autoresponder

Following on the previous point, ZonPages includes an autoresponder feature. While not as effective anymore for asking for reviews, autoresponders can be useful for touching base with customers post-purchase in buyer-seller messages.

Several additional campaign types (giveaways, mystery discount bots with ManyChat)

ZonPages has several types of campaigns outside the basic coupon delivery campaign. This includes giveaways (coming soon to LandingCube!) and mystery discount bot templates for ManyChat.

Summing Up: Why Choose LandingCube Over ZonPages?

We’re a little bit biased, but we see LandingCube as easily the best landing page tool for Amazon sellers in 2020.

There’s a reason for that – we’re close with many high-level Amazon sellers, and we built our tool to specifically cater to what’s important to them.

Compared to ZonPages, LandingCube’s ease of use is much superior. What’s more, as well as being easier and quicker to build a page, it’s going to look much more beautiful when you’re done!

Use ZonPages if their AWS integration features appeal to you. On the other hand, use LandingCube if you want a tool with more comprehensive landing page integrations and page designs optimized to convert.

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