LandingCube vs ZonPages: The Best Landing Page Tool for Amazon?

Struggling to rank products on the first page of Amazon?

If you’re looking for something to boost your rankings, external traffic may be the answer.

Sending people from places like Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads gives you the chance to get extra sales on your Amazon product. In turn, this boost in sales velocity helps your rankings go up, which results in more organic sales.

External traffic also lets you build an audience, such as an email list or Facebook Messenger list. Having a list of customers and people interested in your brand makes marketing your products MUCH cheaper and easier.

When you make the jump to drive traffic to your Amazon listing, you’ll need a landing page for your product. That means you’ll need something or someone to build your page.

Read on to see how you can create a landing page for your Amazon product. We’ll also compare two of the most popular page building tools, LandingCube and ZonPages.

Landing Pages for Amazon – What Are The Options?

Building a page from scratch is time-intensive and takes a lot of know-how. For this reason, web developers generally demand a very high rate.

The best option for time and cost is to use a software tool to build your landing page. This lets you make something that looks beautiful and professional, even if you have zero coding ability.

For the most customization options, LeadPages and ClickFunnels are popular tools. But the tradeoff for more features is a higher price and a bigger learning curve. Thus, these tools may not be the best fit for Amazon sellers.

An alternative is using a made-for Amazon landing page tool. These tools allow you to generate a simple yet effective landing page based off your Amazon listing.

Most tools like this also have a feature to distribute single-use promo codes to your audience, in exchange for email or Messenger signups. Without this feature, you need to shell out to integrate with a third-party coupon distribution tool.

Of the Amazon landing page tools available, LandingCube and ZonPages are the most widely used. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each tool.

Shared Features of LandingCube and ZonPages

Both tools have the basic features needed from an Amazon landing page tool. Here are the shared features:

  • Build a landing page that distributes single-use promo codes and captures emails
  • Create a coupon-distributing Messenger bot that integrates with ManyChat
  • Integrate with the Facebook Pixel, or any custom tracking code
    Create and rotate keyword-targeted 2-Step URLs with a URL builder tool
  • Set up a daily limit for coupon codes, artificial urgency, choosing coupon delivery behavior (appear on landing page vs send to email)

Advantages of LandingCube

Here is a summarized list of advantages LandingCube provides:

  • Use in all supported marketplaces (US, UK, CA, MX, IN, UK, FR, ES, IT, DE, AU) for no extra fee (ZonPages requires extra for each additional marketplace)
  • Messenger landing pages (send your customer a coupon code via Facebook Messenger from a landing page)
  • Simpler design and set up flow (easier to use, quicker to create a page)
    Several professionally-designed landing page templates
  • Ability to customize your coupon email
  • Sync campaigns directly with all popular email marketing providers
  • An in-built tool to send follow-up emails after coupon claims, to get more reviews
  • Pre-installed Google Analytics tracking code
screenshot of LandingCube landing page (bold layout)

LandingCube offers the best combo of ease-of-use and landing page design. It takes less than 3 minutes to build and publish a clean, optimized landing page.

Plus, with LandingCube’s new landing page templates, your landing page is going to look much better out of the box than the competitors.

The audience-building process is more fleshed out. You have the ability to customize the text in your coupon email with your brand’s voice. Additionally, you can integrate your email capture with a number of popular email marketing tools. This lets you send leads straight to your lists, which takes some time when done manually.

LandingCube also lets you build landing pages with a Messenger call-to-action, as well as email-capture landing pages and Messenger bot Facebook Ads.

[Learn more about LandingCube’s Messenger features here]

Advantages of ZonPages

Here’s a summary of ZonPages’ points of difference:

  • Integration with Amazon’s API (including an Amazon email autoresponder)
  • Giveaway pages
  • AB testing for landing pages & giveaway pages
  • Social sharing buttons on landing pages & giveaway pages
  • Beginner plan charges only $19.95 per month
Zonpages Landing Page

ZonPages’ landing pages are not as polished, and their email capture features are not as deep. You can sync your email lists with several email marketing providers, but it’s not automated on each coupon claim, as with LandingCube.

They do however integrate with Amazon, with an Amazon messaging autoresponder. This lets you send automated messages to your Amazon customers, asking for reviews.

ZonPages also has the ability to create custom URLs for landing pages, making the landing page appear from your own domain. AB testing is another extra feature they offer for their landing pages.

ZonPages allows you to integrate with ManyChat to send unique promo codes. The solution is quite complex, unlike LandingCube’s which is essentially plug and play.

While LandingCube has more powerful landing pages and audience building features, ZonPages is cost-effective for beginners. Their lowest plan goes for just $19.95 per month, which may suit those on a tight budget.

How to Use Your Landing Page Effectively

No matter what software you use to make your landing page, you’ll see a big difference in your results depending on how you set up and run your campaign.

First, you need to get your landing page in front of the right people. Once you’ve done that, you need to make sure your landing page (and your listing) is optimized to make people buy.

Driving Traffic

You should have some idea of who your target customer is.

Now think about where they are likely to hang out online. Find websites, Youtube channels or social media profiles that are popular with your target demographic.

Alternatively, make use of social media ads as a resource for finding and driving potential customers.

Facebook Ads Manager interface

Facebook ads are especially popular. With a huge user base has deep and sophisticated targeting tools, you’ve got a lot of help getting your ads in front of the right people. You can target by a wide range of demographics, interests, and events. As well as targeting past customers on Amazon or your eCommerce store.

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Optimizing for Conversions

On Amazon, keyword optimization is a big focus.

But there’s no need for this with a landing page. Instead, focus on short, readable copy that doesn’t turn your potential customer off.

Make your page title, product description and page body short, sharp and catchy.

You want to emphasize your product’s benefits, but in a way that makes it easy for people to read.

Your images are even more important. This is what forms a large part of your customer’s purchasing decision.

Bad, or unclear images = few sales. Unclear images can also make it hard for your customers to know what they’re going to get, which will lead to a lot of returns or negative reviews.

Learn more about optimizing your product images here.

Learn more about which factors help landing page conversions here.

LandingCube: Best ZonPages Alternative?

Driving traffic through a landing page to your Amazon listing is a great way to boost your rankings and build an audience. And an Amazon-specific landing page builder gives the added advantage of a coupon delivery system and superior ease of use.

If you’re looking for an alternative to ZonPages, LandingCube may have what you’re after.

Consider what is most important for you.

If you are on a tight budget or just starting out, ZonPages has the advantage of an Amazon autoresponder that can help you save on using another tool.

For higher-level sellers, LandingCube offers better design options, more fleshed out audience building features, and superior ease of use. The ease at which you can create a landing page is a big advantage when you start running multiple campaigns.

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