Introducing Facebook Messenger Bots for Amazon Sellers

We’re happy to announce that LandingCube has just released an exciting new update! We’ve added a Facebook Messenger integration to our platform, which allows you to run promotional campaigns with Messenger bots.

Why Messenger?

Messenger is an under-utilized form of online marketing, which offers new opportunities for how brands can connect and engage with their customers. If you want to be at the front of the new wave, Messenger is for you.

There is generally less friction with Messenger, compared to other marketing channels. Just about everyone is on Facebook every day. Additionally, since most brands advertise on Facebook already, it’s beneficial to keep your marketing funnel on the same platform.

Messenger offers the potential for much better engagement than email, the closest alternative. Open rates for email average around 20%, while click-through-rates (CTR) are around 2%. Messenger, on the other hand, offers 80% open rates and 20% CTR on average.

All this makes it easier for you to get your customers to click through and buy on Amazon. And in the process, you will be building a list of customers on Messenger, which you can use to send out future promotions, review requests and more. It’s another way to build a powerful audience, that can be used to separate your business from all the competition on Amazon.


LandingCube’s Messenger Solution

There are two options to run promo code campaigns through Facebook Messenger: landing pages with a Messenger call-to-action, and a chatbot that opens automatically when customers click on a Facebook Ad.

Send-to-Messenger Landing Pages

It’s still easy to make beautiful, optimized landing pages in just minutes. Now you can choose to collect email signups, or send your customer through Messenger to get a single-use coupon.

Watch this short clip to see how it works:

The Messenger landing page allows you to show off your product and all its benefits, before adding your customer to a Messenger flow. It’s a superbly optimized way to get more buyers for your product, and grow your audience.

Click-to-Messenger Ads

The other option is a click-to-messenger ad. This is a Facebook Ad with a call-to-action that opens a Messenger conversation with your customer, bypassing the landing page. LandingCube lets you set up a coupon claim sequence that will send out single-use codes to people who click on your ad.

All you have to do is copy and paste a piece of code into Facebook Ads Manager, and our bot will run through your ad.

Chatbot Follow-up Sequences

Both the Messenger landing page and Click-to-Messenger campaigns have three Messenger sequences built in. The first sequence will send the coupon to your customer, and direct them to your listing. The “Go to Amazon” link can be customized, for example to a Super URL or Storefront URL.

The following two sequences are simple Yes-No sequences, which can be used to follow up if your customer has used their coupon, and later to follow up for a review. These flows are optional – you can choose to include one, both, or neither.


Once a customer interacts with your Messenger bot, they’ll be subscribed to your page’s Messenger list. After the initial sequences related to the coupon claim, you’ll be free to set up marketing flows and broadcasts to your subscribers, best done with a Facebook Messenger chatbot tool such as ManyChat.

ManyChat Integration

LandingCube’s Messenger tool is also set up to integrate with ManyChat. The integration lets you tag users who claimed a coupon, or who interacted with your bot but were unable to claim a coupon. Doing so allows you to segment your Messenger subscribers for an easier time organizing and developing flows.

There are many ways to maximize your customer lifetime value by following up with ManyChat flows. Examples may be cross-sells, up-sells, or automated re-order reminders (for consumable products).


Which Type of Chatbot Is Right For Me?

Marketing is all about testing and finding out what works. The same is true here. Take the Messenger chatbots for a run, and observe the results. You may just find your conversions go up significantly by adding a new tool to your marketing toolbox.

A landing page allows you to showcase your product and all it has to offer, and this new release lets you do this while still making use of all Messenger has to offer.

A Click-to-Messenger campaign may be better suited for warmer audiences, as you have less space to advertise your product, but the sales funnel is significantly more streamlined. Because of the lower friction, Click-to-Messenger ads can work great for product launches and high-value discount campaigns.


Try LandingCube – FREE!

Our Messenger integration is built from the ground up, for Amazon sellers looking to boost sales and build an audience. These are powerful tools to help you take control of your rankings and build a strong, defensible brand on Amazon.

You can try LandingCube, complete with our powerful Messenger features, for free on a 21-day trial. Whether you’re looking to build an audience, launch products and get reviews, or maximize your products’ visibility, LandingCube – and Facebook Messenger – can help you achieve your goals.

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