New Feature Release: One-Click Amazon Attribution Integration from LandingCube

Integrating Amazon Attribution links with landing pages, as well as creating standalone Attribution links, is now easier than ever.

Our newest feature lets you connect your LandingCube account with the Amazon Attribution API, to create Attribution links within LandingCube with a single click.

This a huge addition for Amazon brands running external traffic, as it lets you easily track and measure results before and after your customers land on Amazon.

The Amazon Attribution integration is currently available on LandingCube Individual Seller and Business plans. You’ll also need to have access to Amazon Attribution in your seller account.

Read on to learn how it works.

LandingCube’s Amazon Attribution Integration

Create your Attribution links in two different ways.

Amazon Attribution Links with Landing Pages

First, as the Destination URL in landing page or Messenger campaigns. Under Claim Settings, when you choose your final URL type, choose Amazon Attribution from the dropdown menu.

Amazon Attribution Links with the LandingCube Link Shortener

You can also create standalone Amazon Attribution links in the Links Dashboard. Here, you can also shorten your Amazon link, and add your branded domain.

To do this, hit “New Link”, and choose Amazon Attribution as the link type.

Enter your product URL, add additional tracking code (such as Google Analytics or the Facebook Pixel), shorten/brand your link, and publish – you’ll have an Attribution short link all ready to go.

The ability to shorten your link, add your own domain and add tracking scripts are just a few positives of creating Attribution links this way, rather than through the regular Attribution dashboard in the Amazon Advertising Console.

It also makes it super easy to track the different links you’ve set up within your LandingCube dashboard, and cuts down the time it takes to create your Attribution links in the advertising console.

What is Amazon Attribution, and Why Should You Use It?

If you’re not aware of Amazon Attribution already, here’s what you need to know.

Amazon Attribution is an analytics tool for external (off-Amazon) traffic. If you send people to your product listing through an Attribution link, you’ll be able to see how many actual conversions (meaning sales) you get from your external traffic.

Amazon Attribution shows you Amazon shopping data, such as purchases, add to carts, and detail page views. This is huge, if you’re interested in seeing how many people actually buy your product after clicking through from an email or Google/Facebook Ad – and you should be.

This is the only way to truly be able to assess and optimize your external traffic, without relying on guesswork.

Even better, using Attribution can allow you to access the benefits of the Brand Referral Bonus Program, which gives you discounts on referral fees for customers you send from external traffic.

Learn more:

Amazon Attribution

Brand Referral Bonus

The Brand Referral Bonus Program

This program is set up by Amazon to incentivize sellers who drive external traffic.

As long as you send traffic through Amazon Attribution links (including Attribution links created in LandingCube), you can earn a bonus averaging 10% of product sales to be credited toward your referral fees on a monthly basis.

There’s really no downside: if you’re already sending external traffic to your products, signing up for the Brand Referral Bonus Program and using Attribution means you’ll earn money for each sale you make, as well as additional purchases of products from your brand within the next 14 days.

This can be a huge boost for the ROI of your external traffic – a lot of people struggle to maintain profitability with off-Amazon marketing, so earning a portion of your spend back may make all the difference.

To be eligible for the Brand Referral Bonus Program, you need to be registered with Amazon Brand Registry, and be a US Seller Central user. You can go here to enroll in the Brand Referral Bonus Program.

How to View Your Attribution Data

Shopping data from your links (purchases, page views, add to carts, etc) will be available in your Amazon Advertising console.

Just go to the Amazon Attribution tab in your console. Data from your LandingCube campaigns will be there – just look up the campaign ID for the campaign in question, as it says under your preview link:

Who Can Use Amazon Attribution?

If you’re Brand Registered, and you’re a seller in the US, CA, or supported European marketplaces, you’ll be able to use Amazon Attribution.

It comes at no cost – just register from within the Amazon Advertising console.

Once you’ve done that, head over to your LandingCube account and connect with the Attribution API in your account settings, to start using Attribution with LandingCube.

Try LandingCube’s Amazon Attribution Integration Free

If you’re not already a LandingCube user, now’s the time to sign up.

Amazon provides brands a number of powerful tools, including Amazon Attribution, to help sellers grow their reach on and off-Amazon.

Going forward, it’s these TOS-compliant tools that sellers will need to rely on to build and optimize their off-Amazon marketing channels.

Right now you can also benefit from the Brand Referral Bonus program, to get valuable rebates on referral fees for traffic you send to Amazon through Amazon Attribution.

You can try LandingCube for free on a 21-day trial, to see just how easy it is to create and manage Attribution links with our brand new integration.

Try LandingCube free now.

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