Product Insert Landing Pages: New Feature for LandingCube Users

Check out the newest feature on LandingCube: product insert landing pages.

This landing page type is a simple, no-frills landing pages with a field for an order ID and an email.

They are perfect for links on your product insert, to create a post-purchase funnel. Give away a free gift, sign your customers up for an extended warranty, or register customers with your service team.

These funnels are great for capturing emails from your customers, and for following up to collect feedback.

Read on to learn more about how to use the brand new campaign type with LandingCube.

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Product Insert Landing Pages

Product Insert landing pages are simple email signup landing pages designed to collect an order ID from your customers at the same time.

You can use these landing pages for offers exclusive to people who have actually bought your product.

Common use cases could include warranty registrations, or a giveaway of a free product or PDF ebook.

You’ll create an Insert Page campaign for your offer and add a link or QR code to the page on your product insert. That’s all there is to it.

The email and order ID is captured from each signup, available to view and export in your LandingCube account. You can also integrate with an email marketing tool to automatically add subscribers to your email list, and set up more extensive funnels and automations.

Verifying Order IDs

All the order IDs entered on your landing page will be available to you in your Customers dashboard, alongside the customer’s email address.

From here, you can match the order IDs against the IDs in your seller account, to ensure that you’re only giving out offers to real customers. There’s also the option to export your customers and their details in a CSV to make it even easier.

Insert Pages vs Signup Pages

The new Insert Page campaign type is very similar to the Signup Page campaign type.

Both are super simple, no-frills landing pages designed to collect email subscribers.

So when to use one, or the other?

Use an Insert Page if you want to collect and validate order IDs.

Use a Signup Page if collecting an order ID is not necessary.

Whichever you use, an email list is a powerful tool to have as an Amazon brand, so it’s in your best interest to start building your list and collecting subscribers sooner, rather than later.

How and Why to Use Product Insert Landing Pages

There are two massive benefits you can get out of using product insert landing pages.

  1. Building your email list
  2. Getting reviews

And the best thing is, you can do this essentially on autopilot, with no day-to-day work needed.

Here’s an example of what your post-purchase funnel might look like, which requires very little cost and effort to set up, and just about zero effort to maintain.

PDF Ebook Funnel

Here’s a 4-step funnel to help you get more email subscribers and more reviews.

Step One: Create Your Lead Magnet

If you want to collect email subscribers, you need a “magnet” to attract people to give you their email address.

A free ebook can be a really effective lead magnet. It provides value to the customer, a strong incentive to hand over their email address, and can even help them get more value out of your product.

This is the one area you want to focus most of your energy towards. Create a value-packed ebook related to your product or niche. If you’re in the fitness niche, you might create an ebook with exercise routines, for example.

You may want to create the content yourself, or outsource it. Whatever you do, make sure it looks great, and offers a lot of value.

Once you’ve got your ebook made, you’re over halfway towards completing your funnel setup.

Step Two: Product Insert

Get a small product insert made, to put inside your product’s packaging. On this insert, place your brand’s logo, and a link or QR code for customers to follow to get their free ebook.

Make sure to use a link shortener to create this link, so you can track and retarget link clicks, as well as making the link short and easy for your customers to type into their browser.

Step Three: Product Insert Landing Page

Create your Insert Page in LandingCube. You’ll want to connect it with an email marketing tool (Klaviyo, MailChimp, Drip, for example), so you can set up an automation once people opt in with their email address.

Step Four: Email Automation

The last step is to set up an automation in your email marketing tool, to deliver the ebook, and to ask for feedback from your customers.

Here’s how it should work.

  • When a customer enters their email and a valid order ID, a workflow is triggered
  • The workflow sends the customer an email with a link to download the ebook
  • Another email in the workflow asks the customer for feedback about their purchase. You can also send a link to ask them to post their feedback as a review on Amazon.

This should be very simple to set up with a paid account on almost any email marketing tool.

Don’t expect every customer to follow the link and claim the ebook, and don’t expect every claim to give you feedback or leave a review. But if you get just a small percentage follow through with it, you’ll soon have made more than enough of a return to justify the cost of setting up your funnel.

Set Up An Amazon Product Insert Funnel With LandingCube

There’s no excuse for not having a simple insert funnel running for your products on Amazon. The cost to set one up is extremely low, and the effort required to maintain your funnel is basically non-existent.

All you need is a subscription to an email marketing tool, and to LandingCube. The value you get from building and utilizing your email list – whether it’s for retargeting, building lookalike audiences for Facebook Ads, or running email marketing campaigns – will turn out to be worth a lot more than the cost of a couple of software tools.

If you haven’t already, sign up for LandingCube to test this new feature out. All new users get a 21-day free trial, so you can try it, risk-free, to see the advantages for yourself.

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