How To Drive Traffic To Your Amazon Listing
Chapter 9


In this guide we’ve discussed how to drive external traffic to your Amazon listing.


In the first chapter we described what an effective Amazon sales funnel looks like.

In chapter two we introduced our recommended tools. For best results, you’ll need an Amazon landing page tool, an email marketing tool, Google Analytics, and the Facebook Pixel.

In chapter three we talked about how to set up a landing page for your Amazon product in less than three minutes

After discussing key concepts and explaining how to set up a landing page, we started teaching you how to drive traffic:

Last but not least, chapter eight discussed how to get product reviews using external traffic.

The Bottom Line

No matter if you’re launching a new product, or if you’re continuously giving away a small number of units per day, external traffic is a great way to grow your Amazon business. Learning how to drive more traffic to your Amazon listing will give you an edge, and help you build a brand that will be around for the long-term.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!

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– David Hehenberger, creator of LandingCube.


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