LandingCube October Product Updates

We’re already in the heart of Q4! As Amazon sellers are grinding to make the holiday season a success, here at LandingCube we’re also striving to make our product better, so we can better help you achieve your goals.

With October has come the release of LandingCube version 24 and 25, with some new features and general quality improvements.

Here are the major updates we’ve made to the product this month:

Automated Follow-up Emails for Promo Code Campaigns

Most sellers are running email autoresponder tools already. So we thought, why not streamline the process for LandingCube users, and add our own email follow-ups?

You can now add an automated follow-up email to your LandingCube promos. Use this to ask for a review, check in whether your customer has used their coupon, or just ask if everything is alright with their order.

As it’s not integrated with Amazon’s buyer-seller messaging system, our follow-up emails only work with your LandingCube promo campaigns. However, being independent to Amazon’s system gives you several advantages. You can send messages using your real email, which is sure to perform better and leaves you open to future marketing and communications with your customer. Plus, you are able to contact buyers even if they have opted out of Amazon’s buyer-seller messages.

We think this will be a big boost for Amazon sellers trying to get ever-important, increasingly difficult reviews.

You can set up your follow-up email under the “Integrations” tab of your landing page.

Here, you can set when you want your email to be sent (if you’re asking for a review, make sure you leave enough time for the customer to try out the product), and fully customize your email.

We’ve given you a template, but feel free to change this to meet the unique voice of your brand. Also, make sure you change the “Reply-to” email address to your own, to open up a valuable communication channel with your customer.

Finally, while it’s within Amazon’s TOS to contact your customer this way, make sure you don’t put anything in your email copy that could get you in trouble. Familiarize yourself with what you can and can’t say when asking for a review, and always ask for honest feedback – never ask for just a positive review.


New Datepicker on Dashboard Stats Chart

Testing and analyzing your campaign performance is so important so that you can nail down the formula that works best for your products. That’s why we’re continuing to improve the analytics we provide for our users.

While we have a lot more improvements in the pipeline, the first step is adding a datepicker to the “Promos Claimed” chart on your Dashboard. This way you can do a better job of analyzing what worked in the past, in case a lot of time has elapsed since your last campaign.

Adding Address to LandingCube Invoices

Ok, invoices are not exciting I know… but for a business with big aspirations, you need to get all your red tape in line.

We’ve had several users ask us if it’s possible to add their business address to their LandingCube invoice. Now you can do just that. Simply go into your account settings, and update the fields under “Billing/Invoice Information”.


That’s sure to make your accountant happy!


Sending Backup Email When Email Verification is Off

If you have the “Verify email address” setting off, the coupon code will show for your customers straight away on the landing page. Doing this has shown to increase conversions, though it runs a small risk of getting dormant/unused emails.

The problem is that sometimes the customer might lose the code, and not actually end up using it. So for a small quality-of-life change, we’re also sending an email to your customer with the coupon code, so they have a backup in case it’s not used straight away. We’re hoping this will reduce the number of customers you have who claim a coupon but never actually make a purchase.


So check out these new features, and feel free to get in touch with us if there’s anything you’d like to see added to LandingCube!

Be sure to check in here for our future product updates, and follow our social media channels (Twitter and Facebook), where we will be sharing a bunch of informative and educational content daily, as well as updates on LandingCube and Amazon FBA as a whole.