10 Ways LandingCube Can Boost Your Amazon Sales

There’s no denying that Amazon FBA is a powerful program. But it doesn’t come without limitations.

With LandingCube, you can drive external traffic that converts, by creating Amazon landing pages.

This means you can boost Amazon sales, while also protecting your business from the downsides of Amazon.

Here are 10 ways LandingCube will help you grow your Amazon FBA business:

1. Boost Traffic

More traffic to your listings improves your rankings. LandingCube helps you drive traffic from outside Amazon to your listings. You can send people from advertisements, blog posts and/or organic social media.

Popular channels for external traffic includes Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Influencer Marketing.

So no longer are you just one among many in the SERP. Yours is the only listing.

Of course, your listings likely contain competitor ads in them. The competition on Amazon is fierce. Amazon ensures that. But LandingCube gives you an upper hand. 

2. Use Super URLs or 2-step URLs to Boost Keyword Rankings

LandingCube lets you use super URLs or keyword-targeted 2-Step URLs to drive external traffic to your listings.

These URLs help you rank for your top keywords. The Amazon algorithm registers clicks from super URLs like a search on Amazon.com. So whatever keyword used in the super URL gets an extra boost in rankings.

Use LandingCube’s rotating super URL feature to target all your top keywords. 

Super URLs and 2-step URLs may be considered grey-hat, and could constitute rank manipulation by Amazon’s TOS, so use with caution.

3. Boost Conversions

External traffic is usually less likely to convert than internal Amazon traffic. We designed LandingCube to solve this exact problem.

LandingCube converts your Amazon listing into a beautiful landing page. Along with helping to convert viewers into customers, this landing page serves as an intermediary step between the external source of traffic and the Amazon listing.

By offering a promo code in exchange for an email, LandingCube weeds out traffic that is unlikely to buy. And the folks who do reach your listing are even more likely to buy!

Our landing pages help you sell more units and increase conversions. They take less than 3 minutes to create, and come with a raft of features:

  • You can customize the design to show off your brand
  • You can include a countdown and coupons-left feature for scarcity
  • Overcome objections with an FAQ section
  • Display your 5-star reviews
  • More options to boost conversions and, ultimately, boost Amazon sales

4. Build Email Lists

Collecting emails enables you to do all sorts of marketing that Amazon alone does not enable. 

Amazon does a lot of the marketing for FBA sellers. More than 2 billion visitors go to Amazon.com every month. That’s a lot of people ready to buy.

But it’s not without its limits. There’s not much room for marketing creativity on Amazon. But LandingCube enables you to step outside the box.

Now that you’ve collected the email, the real fun begins. You no longer have to rely on Amazon’s search algorithm to get repeat business. You can market directly to your list.

LandingCube integrates with all your favorite email marketing tools.  So you can really flex your internet marketing muscles to get more value out of each customer.

We also allow you to add subscribers to your Facebook Messenger list, with our made-for-Amazon Messenger bots. Messenger is a low-friction alternative to email, that can be even more effective at driving sales and building customer relationships.

5. Ask for reviews

You know how important it is to get reviews. A lack of reviews is one of the biggest things that will stop a product gaining traction on Amazon.

Collecting emails through LandingCube gives you another way to ask customers for reviews. Using a real email to send review requests will often have better deliverability, and the more personal nature leads to a higher success rate.

Just be careful not to break Amazon’s rules when asking for reviews. Make sure you are up to date with the Amazon reviews TOS. And don’t ask for reviews from highly-discounted purchases, if you want to get verified reviews.

6. Build a Launch List

When launching a new product, an initial spike in sales does wonders for rankings.

You can build an email launch list to alert your customers when you launch a new product, then entice them to buy with a nice discount.

Your customers get a shiny, new toy. Your sales velocity increases, leading to higher rankings. And Amazon rewards you with more traffic, leading to even more sales!

7. Boost rankings for existing products

Want to boost Amazon sales velocity for a product you’ve already been selling for a while? Email your list to let them know you’re running a promotion. Spike the sales velocity, spike the rankings.

There are plenty of big occasions on the shopping calendar to take advantage of, such as Black Friday, Prime Day, and Christmas. You can add your own as well – any excuse to run a promotion and generate excitement!

Again Amazon will send more customers your way. It’s a virtuous cycle.

8. Retargeting

Most Amazon sellers don’t have a solid way to track conversions for individual customers.

LandingCube has 1-click integrations with Google Analytics and the Facebook Pixel. So you can track if someone came from your Facebook Ad and bought your product. This gives you valuable data to improve your ads, as it enables you to sort people into lists based on their actions taken.

With this, you can track if someone came from your Facebook Ad and bought your product.

Someone clicked through to your Amazon listing but didn’t buy? You can send them retargeting ads or email them to buy again.

LandingCube enables you to build powerful retargeting lists. Use these lists to get repeat business from customers who bought one of your products, or push someone who was on the edge of buying to complete their purchase.

With our Zapier integration, LandingCube can connect to 750+ apps. So now you can use all your digital marketing power to improve your Amazon business.

9. Create cross-sells and upsell offers

People who bought from you once are more likely to buy from you again. Amazon will recommend some of your products to customers who bought from you. But what and how they offer is entirely out of your control.

Amazon doesn’t enable you to get creative with cross-sells and upsells. With your email or Messenger list, LandingCube enables you to do exactly this.

10. Email Newsletter

Business is all about relationships, and LandingCube allows Amazon sellers to foster deeper relationships with their customers.

Stay in touch with your customers with an email newsletter. Build your brand’s reputation, so you can stand apart from the competitors.

LandingCube boosts your sales and rankings on Amazon. But it also helps you build assets off of Amazon and beef up your marketing toolbox.

Differentiate your brand from the competition. Defend yourself against the threat of an Amazon suspension. You can now take advantage of everything Amazon has to offer and make your business more robust.

In Summary: Using LandingCube to boost Amazon sales

There are a lot of ways to use LandingCube to improve your Amazon business. It’s best to take advantage of all the tactics described above.

We help you get the best of both worlds. External traffic allows you to drive more eyes to your Amazon listings. The landing page weeds out people unlikely to buy.

You get higher conversions, higher rankings, and more sales!

Collecting emails gives you a little more leverage against Amazon, making your business more sustainable and valuable. LandingCube enables you to track conversions, build email lists, remarket, ask for reviews and anything else your marketing imagination can think of.

If you want to boost Amazon sales and take your FBA business to the next level try LandingCube FREE today!