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Influencer marketing is quickly becoming one of the more sought-after channels for organically reaching consumers through authentic social posts. Now, more than ever, businesses are leveraging social media channels to deliver conversions and increase their overall exposure. Facebook Ads have become much more expensive in recent years. And many brands find their effectiveness has dropped off. So many successful brands have turned towards partnerships with people who already have a large and engaged following on social media (aka influencers) to expand the reach of their own brand.  

Most of the “traditional” influencer marketing work has taken place on Instagram and Facebook- for good reason too. In the first quarter of 2016, the average user spent fifty (50) minutes every day on those two social platforms (including Facebook Messenger).’

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What is the Amazon Influencer Program?

Many Amazon sellers, however, are unaware that Amazon actually has a unique program for influencer marketing. Through the Amazon Influencer Program, influencers can create their own storefront , within which they can promote the products of their partner brands.

Influencer stores are quite similar to a brand’s own Amazon storefront, acting as a registry of sorts. With Amazon’s Program, influencers can create categorized collections of products (from multiple brands) they adore, and then they can direct their followers to purchase their featured products through posts on Instagram and Facebook, videos on YouTube and Snapchat, or even mentions on a podcast (wherever a link can be placed on the web).

Low Cost-High Upside

The most intriguing part of leveraging Amazon Influencer Shops for marketing a product is the fact that there is little to no cost for the brand. Outside of paying the influencer directly for the combination of product placement and social media post(s), there are no associated advertising fees. Amazon actually covers the commission for each unit an influencer sells through their Shop!

This is a win-win for both the brand and the influencer. For sellers, your product gets more reach from being listed on an influencer’s Shop. Meaning more chances for conversions (MORE SALES)! At the same time, creators can earn residual, passive income if they list your product and drive sales.

If you’re a brand trying to make it big on Amazon, leveraging influencers is a fantastic way to increase brand awareness, grow exposure on the e-commerce platform and generate additional sales. If paid social ads aren’t effective for you, influencer marketing might be a better use of your marketing budget. And even if you’re killing it with Facebook Ads, influencers provide another channel for expanding reach & boosting sales.  

Scaling Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Product placement in one Amazon influencer’s store is a good idea… But why not have ten, fifteen or even twenty product listings in various Amazon storefronts? The biggest issue that brands run up against when implementing an Amazon Influencer campaign is scale…

In general, scaling an influencer campaign can be a difficult, time-consuming project – especially if you’re doing it through manual outreaches on Instagram, Facebook, etc. Direct messages and contacting influencers through their “work” email is not an efficient route for executing a successful campaign and outsourcing these jobs to an agency can cost thousands of dollar per month!

With’s campaigns feature brands can receive inbound applications from creators who want to promote their products! Allow thousands of influencers to contact you for your marketing needs and work with the highest quality applicants to get your products listed in Amazon stores at scale.’s large community of influencers enables a brand to quickly execute their collaboration efforts on any social media platform and work with several creators on a campaign at the same time!, the leading influencer marketing community with over 80,000 influencers, brands and agencies has officially partnered with LandingCube to deliver all of their customers an extended trial and access to a lifetime discount on Business PRO memberships – which allow a brand to run a complete influencer marketing campaign with real-life creators (more than 70,000 of them – all with influence).

As a LandingCube user, you can try’s Business PRO accounts free for 30 days. Sign-up today, launch a campaign and start connecting with content creators excited about sharing your brand and helping you sell more products!

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