Amazon Rebate Landing Pages: Run Sustainable and High-Powered Product Launches

Keep in mind that using rebates as an incentive for customers to leave reviews, or as a way to manipulate your search rankings, is a violation of the Seller Code of Conduct. Consider the risks before running a rebate promotion for your product.

LandingCube’s Amazon Rebate Landing Pages are the perfect tool for you to launch and rank your products on Amazon, fast.

The benefits of this feature include:

  • Strong ranking power in Amazon’s search algorithm
  • Email list building
  • A steadier alternative (landing pages & email) to the Messenger platform
  • Auxiliary benefits of a landing page such as Facebook Pixel retargeting & building brand awareness

How It Works

You’ll use our super simple landing page builder to create your rebate landing page, in just a couple of minutes.

This generates a landing page you can use in your Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or any other promotional campaign outside of Amazon.

When customers claim a rebate, they’ll see instructions on how to buy the product and take part in your promotion.

The customer must opt in with their email, and then enter their order ID once the purchase has been completed.

LandingCube gathers your customer details within your account dashboard. To view your leads, go to the dashboard, and hit the “Analytics” button for your campaign:

Next, click “People” to bring up your list of leads.

If you’ve connected your Amazon Seller Central account, we’ll check the order status of the ID numbers provided by your customers, showing whether the order has Shipped, Paid, or is still pending.

All that’s left for you to do is pay out your rebates. You can use PayPal, or any other method that works for you and your customers.

Click here to learn more about connecting your Amazon Seller Account in LandingCube.

Rebate Landing Page Features

This powerful ranking and list building tool comes packed with the following features:

  • Under 3 minute setup time
  • 4 professionally designed landing page templates, customizable with color pickers
  • Automated Order ID verfication
  • Robust email provider and analytics integrations
  • Daily limit and total rebate limit settings
  • Integrated 2-Step URL and Search Find Buy generator

Set Up Rebate Landing Pages in Minutes

It literally could not be easier to set up a landing page to promote your rebate offers.

All it takes is four easy steps:

Copy & paste your Amazon product URL, and set up your promotion details.

Choose a template and customize your landing page copy and images (automatically generated from your Amazon listing).

Connect your email provider, analytics tools, and enable order tracking

Choose your destination URL and targeted keywords

This is the most efficient solution for running landing page funnels to Amazon products, and has been since 2017.

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How Amazon Rebate Promotions Work

Rebates are a win-win tool for promoting your product on Amazon.

Your customers get to try your product for free, while you get the word out about your products, and gain traction in search rankings.

You’ll ask customers to purchase your product at the original price on Amazon. Once you’ve confirmed the order is complete and is being shipped, you’ll send the customer a cash rebate to cover the cost of the purchase.

(You can also offer partial rebates, such as 50% or 75%).

Why Are Top Sellers Using Rebates for Product Launches?

Million dollar sellers love rebates because they drive powerful ranking gains.

The main objective of a product launch or external traffic promotion is usually to generate momentum and rank in Amazon search.

Once you do that, organic sales on Amazon pick up, and your profit margins soar.

Rebates work so well for this because they are full-price sales on Amazon.

This is unlike launching via discount codes, which doesn’t give you full power in Amazon’s ranking algorithm, as these are seen as discounted sales.

Rebates are also a powerful incentive for customers to buy your product, allowing you to generate a quick spike in sales.

Added Benefits of Rebate Campaigns: Audience Building

While the main objective of rebate promotions is to rank higher, they are also a phenomenal way to build a list.

Each person who claims a rebate first needs to opt in with their email.

Even if the person doesn’t go on and buy your product, they’ll still join your email list. From here, you can extract long-term value from your subscriber with marketing campaigns, up-sells, cross-sells and more.

Very soon, you’ll have your own VIP launch list you can use to launch products for pennies on the dollar, compared to your competitors.

Your email list, and the data captured from the Facebook Pixel on your landing page, will also help you create laser-targeted custom audiences and lookalike audiences for future ad campaigns.

The benefits don’t stop once your initial launch is over. Rebate landing pages are a powerful flywheel that offer mountains of long-term value.

Why Rebate Landing Pages Are A More Sustainable and Flexible Option

Compared to chatbots, running rebate campaigns with landing pages and email are safer, more sustainable and offer more benefits in the long run.

Landing pages, hosted on our servers and displayed from your own domain, give you much more control over your funnel than chatbots constrained by the rules of a third-party platform.

They also let you build a list you fully own (email), which provides more value over time.

A landing page also fits well if you want to run promotions through Google Ads, email, influencers, or other platforms, where potential customers may not use Messenger (or not want to).

That’s not to say chatbots are not effective. Go ahead and use rebate landing pages and chatbot funnels at the same time, to get the benefits of both.

Summing Up: Why You Should Use LandingCube’s Rebate Landing Pages

Run rebate promotions with landing pages if you want to boost your search rankings and build an email list, all with a funnel you control.

The ease with which you can create a clean and professional landing page to promote your offer makes it the most efficient solution available to Amazon businesses. LandingCube even verifies your customers’ order IDs, leaving a stupidly small amount of work left over for you.

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