The Best Amazon AI Tools and Services for Sellers

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Few sectors evolve and innovate as quickly as the Amazon seller space. And Amazon FBA’s naturally fast pace is currently coinciding with another huge revolution in the business world (and indeed the world in general): AI.

With its fast rate of adoption, if you wait too long before starting to use AI, you risk being left behind. Your competition will already have well-oiled processes in place, using AI to build more efficient business practices with lower overhead.

Don’t get left behind. Keep reading to get a brief overview of how you can use AI in your Amazon business, as well as the best Amazon AI tools and services out there for sellers today.

The Rise of AI in 2023

Late 2022, moving into 2023, Artificial intelligence (AI) has exploded into our consciousness.

AI offers powerful, game-changing technology for a wide variety of use cases. All kinds of businesses, in a wide range of industries, are now relying heavily on AI tools. This could be for content generation, streamlining business practices, and doing high-level thinking faster than we can do manually.

The exciting part is that AI is still really in its infancy. The game-changing AI technology from OpenAI is still extremely new, and massive companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon are now diving headfirst into the space and developing their own AI engines.

The AI tools and services available are powerful already, but will only get better with increased investment and development. We’re still in the early adoption phase – which means there are huge benefits to figuring out how to fit AI into your business right now.

The Best Ways for Amazon Sellers to Use AI

It’s no surprise that Amazon sellers are among the first to jump on the bandwagon and utilize AI to improve their business.

Amazon sellers pride themselves at being early adopters of new technology, new marketing strategies and business techniques. And though AI is still very young, as mentioned before, there are a number of ways you can use AI in your Amazon business right now.

Here are a few of the best ways for Amazon sellers to use AI:

Listing Optimization

AI is perfect for analyzing your product listings, comparing them to the competition, and letting you know where your listing may be lacking.

You can use Amazon AI tools to come up with keyword ideas to add to your listing, or tweaks to your listing content to find the right balance between SEO, conversion optimization and readability.

Text-based work is probably where AI is currently the most sophisticated, and there are many established tools on the market that help with this, specifically for Amazon.

PPC Optimization

AI and machine learning technology is also a huge help when it comes to analyzing and optimizing your PPC campaigns.

Amazon PPC tools have actually been using some form of AI technology for years. This tech is generally built in-house, well before the invention of OpenAI, Chat GPT and what we currently think of in regards to AI.

Manually pouring over all the data there is to be had with PPC campaigns simply takes too long, and too much effort, especially when there are sophisticated software tools available to help you zero in on the most profitable Amazon PPC strategies.

Amazon Content Creation

As we said earlier, text-based work is where AI works best right now. AI is taking over content creation in many industries, with SEO and content marketing facing a big disruption from Chat GPT and OpenAI tools.

AI is still not perfect for flowing, long-form content, but it is great for short-form content, like Amazon product listings.

You can get AI tools to spit out product descriptions, write bullet points, outline features and benefits – all things you can use in your listing.

With a little hands-on editing, you can create well-written product listings in no time, with minimal effort.

Off-Amazon Content and Marketing Assets

AI is also a great fit for creating content and assets to use in your off-Amazon marketing.

This could be text-based, such as social media, email and landing page content.

But text is not all you can do with AI. You can also use it to generate image, video and voice content.

This kind of thing is not as sophisticated yet as AI writing tools, but it’s getting there. There are already tools that will help you generate product images, videos and add voiceovers to your videos.


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You can use these on your product listing, or even better, as marketing assets for your website or paid marketing campaigns (e.g. Facebook/TikTok Ads).

The aforementioned ability to use tools to generate images instantly with AI is especially impressive, as it is able to accelerate the design process and make it possible for non-experts to put together professional-quality materials as well. So for aspiring sellers, as well as established names in this space, it’s an exciting time.

10 Amazon AI Tools to Use in Your Business

Now let’s look at some of the best tools out there to help Amazon sellers utilize the amazing power of AI.

  • Chat GPT
  • SellerMetrics
  • SoStocked
  • ZonGuru + OpenAI Integration
  • Jungle Scout AI Assist
  • Perci
  • CreatorKit
  • Oxolo
  • Resemble.AI

Chat GPT

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Chat GPT is the original AI tool. Built by the OpenAI project, it’s free, and incredibly useful for a great many things.

Since Chat GPT is a multipurpose tool, it may take a little more work to get the desired output, compared to a tool built specifically for Amazon sellers, or for a specific use case. You’ll need to give it the right prompts or instructions to get value out of it. But considering the price (free, or around $20 per month for the latest version of the AI technology), it’s a fair trade.

It is quite flexible. There are a lot of ways you can use it in your business, as we outline in this post, from creating product listing content to drafting up customer service responses.


If you’re not using AI or machine learning tools to optimize your PPC, you’re probably spending far too much time on it, and likely not even maximizing your return.

SellerMetrics is one tool that’s invaluable when it comes to PPC management. It helps you nail down the perfect keywords to target that bring in the best ROI, along with the right bidding strategies.

All this is down to their proprietary technology, which is built specifically for the needs of high-level sellers.

SellerMetrics will help you spend less and get more sales from your PPC, while spending less time managing your campaigns. That’s a lot of wins.


Inventory management is another area where AI can deliver big returns for Amazon sellers. Artificial intelligence is perfectly suited for analyzing sales trends, creating forecasts, and coming up with the right amount of stock to order and when.

SoStocked is one of the best tools on the market today offering AI-powered inventory management and forecasting.

Like managing your PPC, if you were to do this manually, you’d need at least one full-time employee, and even then wouldn’t get results as precise as you can get with a software tool. Let the machines do all the work for you with a tool like this.

ZonGuru + OpenAI Integration

Now we’re into tools purpose-built for building and optimizing Amazon listings. More and more tools are coming on the market to do this – one of the first being ZonGuru’s integration with Chat GPT/OpenAI.

This tool analyzes the highest-performing product listings in your category, rewrites them, and provides an optimization score to show you how well you stack up against the competition.

Jungle Scout AI Assist

Amazon staple Jungle Scout also has their own AI-assisted writing tool. It’s part of their Listing Builder feature, and utilizes the same OpenAI technology to quickly build a product listing.

All you need to do is put in a few instructions and target keywords, and the tool will generate listing copy, complete with features and benefits for your product. It’s a great fit for anyone new to Amazon, or for non-native speakers or anyone whose writing skills aren’t the best.


Perci is another tool built specifically for Amazon listing creation and optimization.


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It has Amazon’s product listing rules and regulations and SEO best practices built in, cutting down the editing time you might need with another writing tool, making the writing fit the conventions of an Amazon listing.

It’s affordable, and a great fit for anyone writing product listings. Even if you can do it yourself, a tool like this puts you on a fast track to publishing the perfect listing to rank and convert.


Sellesta utilizes AI for a range of different uses on Amazon. These include:

  • Listing optimization
  • Generating keyword ideas
  • Analysis and comparison of competitors’ listings
  • Review analysis
  • Competitive analysis of competitors’ BSR, keywords, pricing, and listing optimization score

It’s a great way to come up with opportunities to improve your performance and gain ground on the competition. It’s extremely affordable as well – all you need to do is get a tiny increase in sales by using the tool, and it will have paid for itself.


If you think written content creation with AI is amazing, wait until you see what AI can do for photo and video creation.

AI’s capability in this area is getting better with every day. It will soon be able to create totally photo-realistic images and videos, which is a big thing for Amazon sellers. High-quality images are essential today – you need great images to make your listing stand out, as well as eye-catching photos to get conversion from your off-Amazon ads.

Videos are even better. They have a huge impact on conversions, and allow you to do a lot more with your external marketing (high-ROI video ads, advertising on TikTok).

CreatorKit helps you do both. It’s built specifically for ecommerce, and cuts down the time and expertise needed to create catchy, engaging visuals for your brand.


Oxolo is a similar tool, built to help ecommerce brands create visual assets – video in particular.

All you need to do is paste your product URL, and the tool will generate a video for your product. It’s built specifically for ecommerce, and has templates tailored to different platforms – such as Amazon, Etsy, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and more.

It’s still a beta product for now, so there is some work to go. But it already has the potential to save you thousands, compared to the cost of hiring professionals to plan, shoot, edit and deliver product videos.


Let’s say you were able to put together a video for your product – but you’re missing a professionally-delivered voiceover to really make it pop.

If you don’t have the voice talent in-house, you can use Resemble. It creates realistic, human-like voiceovers, using either text-to-speech or speech-to-speech.

It’s one of the most sophisticated tools out there for this use case. Adding professional voiceovers will make your videos so much more engaging, and with AI, you won’t even need to hire James Earl Jones to do it.

Best Practices for Amazon Sellers Using AI

AI is not yet at the stage where you can just let it run your business on its own. As such, there are some best practices you should follow when using it in your Amazon business.

First, remember that the input dictates the quality of the output. You’ll get the best results – whether you’re creating product listing content, images, video – if your input is accurate and descriptive.

AI can do a lot, but you need to tell it what to do.

Second, you’ll need to review what comes out. Especially with written content. It may generate content at times that doesn’t make sense, or is inaccurate. You may need to do a little editing and/or fact checking on your own.

It’s also important to review and edit where necessary to make sure your content looks and sounds human. No one wants to read content that’s clearly written by a computer, and people are very attuned to this possibility today.

A little bit of time spent tweaking AI content, making it feel human, and making it fit your brand’s voice, can go a long way. Be sure to use AI as a tool. Like any tool, it needs a skilled operator to get the best out of it.

Final Thoughts

AI has the potential to do a lot for your Amazon business.

It can cut your operating expenditure in half, by automating a lot of the tedious busywork that goes on in your business, or creating content in a fraction of the time it takes a human.

It can also help you build efficient, streamlined processes, and get an optimal ROI in tasks like PPC and inventory management.

Though it’s still in its early stages, there’s no reason you should not be using AI right now to get ahead. Your competitors are. Don’t get left behind trying to do it all yourself when other sellers are using the latest and most powerful technology.


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