How Amazon Sellers Can Use Chat GPT to Increase Sales

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If you’ve just emerged from a 12-month internet fast, or recently awoken from a coma, you might be wondering what this “Chat GPT” is and why everyone’s talking about it.

Ok, that’s probably not the case. However, you’re probably seeing all the hype for this new technology and wondering what it can do to make your life easier and help your business succeed.

If you’re an Amazon seller, there are many ways you can start putting this free tool to work in your business. Stick around and we’ll explain how.

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What is Chat GPT?

For the uninitiated, here’s a brief primer on what Chat GPT is and what it can do.

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Chat GPT is an AI language model first developed by the OpenAI company in 2018. It’s capable of holding conversations, answering questions, and providing information gathered using a deep-learning neural network structure.

Essentially, it’s like an extremely high-powered AI chatbot. People all over the world are using it to get answers to their questions, come up with new ideas, create content, and much more.

It does have some limitations in its current state – but in the years since its inception, Chat GPT has already improved by leaps and bounds, and is only going to get more powerful as the technology becomes more advanced.

11 Ways to Use Chat GPT in Your Amazon Business

Professionals in all industries are finding out about the value Chat GPT can provide for their business. Amazon selling is no different. As an Amazon seller, there are plenty of ways in which you can use Chat GPT to increase your sales and grow your business.

It can’t replace your entire staff (yet). But it can help you do more in less time, allowing you to improve your business while freeing up your valuable time.

Without anything further, here are 11 ways Amazon sellers can use Chat GPT right now.

Writing Content for Your Product Listing

The simplest way to use Chat GPT for Amazon sellers is to create content for product listings.

You can essentially use Chat GPT for any kind of copy on your product detail page, including your title:

Bullet points:

And product description:

Be aware that, as with anything you do with Chat GPT, the quality of the output depends on the quality of the input. You need to give the AI the right information about your product for it to generate decent results.

On top of that, you will need to review and edit the content to ensure it sounds natural and all the content is accurate. But it can save you a lot of time in writing the first draft of your product listing copy.

Learn More: a full guide to Amazon Product Listing Optimization. Go through our guide and see how much of this you can automate with Chat GPT!

Optimizing Product Listings for SEO

Chat GPT is also a great tool to use to improve your Amazon SEO.


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One way it can help is with keyword research. Plug in your product and have Chat GPT generate keyword ideas to include in your listing:

You can start with high-volume keywords, as above, and ask further prompts to generate long-tail keywords.

Use this information to add any missing keywords to your listing – or, even better, have Chat GPT do this for you!

Simplifying and Improving Listing Copy

When I write, I tend to be wordy at first, and my first drafts can be hard to read. Most people are the same and take a few revisions to get it right.

Chat GPT is great at taking a passage of writing and improving/simplifying it.

You can do this with your listing copy. Ask Chat GPT to rewrite what you already have in a way that’s simpler and easier to read.

Writing Social Media Copy

One of the things Chat GPT is best at is generating short-form marketing copy, as you use for social media ads.

If you’re running external traffic ads, there are zero reasons not to utilize Chat GPT for this. Even if what it spits out isn’t perfect, it can get you on the right track, where all you need to do is make a few tweaks.

Writing Email and Landing Page Copy

You can do the same for marketing copy, such as emails and landing pages.

This is a bit more long-form than advertising copy, so Chat GPT isn’t quite as perfect for this. It becomes more important to give it the right prompts, you might need to go through several levels of prompt, and you will need to edit it yourself. 

But it can help you generate marketing emails (at least a first draft) fast and efficiently, as well as give you an outline and key points to touch on for your landing page copy.

Customer Service

Chat GPT can generate responses to customer service questions or customer complaints.

Obviously, it doesn’t know your business inside and out and may be unable to answer more specific questions or queries. But it’s a great starting point.

It’s particularly good for drafting up replies to negative comments or complaints. Chat GPT doesn’t have emotions, so it can write a calm, professional reply when you might be finding it more challenging to stay level.

Once again, be sure to rewrite the response where necessary to make sure the information is correct and it doesn’t sound like it’s obviously coming from an AI. There’s nothing worse than an unhappy customer getting a canned or computer-generated response to their complaint.

Communicating with Seller Support

Back-and-forths with seller support are a headache. Every Amazon seller knows this. Chat GPT can take some of the headaches away by writing up a response for you to use.

Chat GPT is particularly useful here because of how important it is to say the right thing to Amazon seller support. If your message is worded slightly wrong, or seller support misunderstands what you said, it can cost you sales and a lot of lost sleep while you’re trying to get the issue fixed.

Chat GPT’s communication style is clear, concise, and generally correct, making it much easier for seller support to understand.

Along with simple seller support messaging, you could use Chat GPT for higher-level account management issues, such as coming up with a plan of action in the case of a suspension.

Analyzing Product Reviews


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You can plug customer reviews into Chat GPT and have it summarize what customers liked most or least about the product.

You could do this for your product or competitors’. This is an excellent product research tool for coming up with product ideas or product improvement ideas, as well as a great way to see which features resonate most with your audience, thus knowing what to highlight in your marketing copy and product descriptions.

First, you’ll need to collate these reviews. You can copy and paste them or use a tool to export them. Then paste the reviews, along with a prompt, such as asking Chat GPT to provide a list of five things customers liked or disliked the most.

Learn More: want to know how to get more reviews for your Amazon products? This complete guide shows you how, and more importantly, how to do so without getting banned.

New Product Ideas

Chat GPT is perfect for higher-level brainstorming tasks. For anything where you need to generate a list of ideas, Chat GPT can “think” of a bunch of ideas much quicker than you can.

That makes it perfect for coming up with product ideas. You can ask it for a list of product categories, a list of product ideas within a specific category, or product ideas that complement your existing products.

It might give you some strange or irrelevant ideas, but it should offer something valuable that you can take away and expand on.

Creating a Buyer Persona

You need to understand what type of people you should be marketing your product to. Most likely, you’re not selling a product that’s made for everyone. There are ideal interests and demographics for your target customer, and by understanding these, you’ll be able to sell more and market more efficiently.

You can use Chat GPT for this. Feed it some information about your business, and ask it to come up with things like age, gender, income range, location, interests, and more for your ideal buyer persona.

Creating a Brand Story

Chat GPT is also an awesome tool to help you conceive a story and a voice for your brand.

This is something you’ll want to start building before long to make your store into something bigger than just a generic, faceless Amazon store. Yet you might not know where to start.

More often than not, Chat GPT is the place to start. Let it know some details about your business, including one or two things that are personal or unique about your brand, and have it draft something up.

You don’t need to use everything it gives you, but it will likely give you an excellent starting point. Iterate on this to start building a unique and differentiated brand.

Building an Amazon brand? We made a community dedicated for people like you. It’s free, and allows you to connect with like-minded Amazon brand owners. Click here to join the community for free.

Are You Using AI in Your Amazon Business Yet?

AI is looking like the next big technological revolution. New AI tools and services are being launched every day, and we’re seeing massive advancements in what AI can do.

If you ignore the benefits of AI for too long, you’ll probably be left behind. Your competitors, who are using AI, who are automating key processes, will be doing more in less time and will be able to grow their business faster than you can.

We will go more in-depth into Amazon AI tools and services and how to utilize AI for Amazon sellers in future posts. To begin with, though, use the free Chat GPT wherever you can and start getting an edge.


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