Introducing… Our New Landing Page Layouts

Many software companies try to do too many things and end up watering down their core offering.

Here at LandingCube we like to keep things simple and continue improving on what we do best – helping Amazon sellers convert external traffic into customers.

We are excited to announce the most powerful update to LandingCube yet. We’ve added three new landing page layouts to choose for your promotions. The three new layouts are beautifully designed, so you can show your products off in the best light possible and convert more visitors into customers.

With 4 different layouts, you now have more choice in how to represent your brand and products and get prospects excited to buy!

So, without further ado, here are the new layouts:


The Bold layout features blue and gold detailing and makes your offer really pop out.

[Check out a sample landing page with the Bold layout here]


The Modern layout features orange-red elements and stylish details to attract page visitors.

[Check out a sample landing page with the Modern layout here]


The elegant layout has sleek purple features, organized in a futuristic design.

[Check out a sample landing page with the Elegant layout here]


Finally, the Classic layout is still available for those who like the simplicity of the original LandingCube landing page design.

[Check out a sample landing page with the Classic layout here]

Choose From 4 Landing Page Layouts

So which landing page layout is right for your brand and products? Try each one out for size and see which looks best.

With the new update, you can change between the four layouts when designing your landing page. Just hit ‘Change Layout’ on the left-hand menu bar.

Split testing multiple versions of your promotion that use the different landing page layouts is a great way to learn about what your customers respond to and maximize your conversion rate.

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