A Video Course On Facebook Ads For Amazon Sellers

We Just Launched A Video Course on Facebook Ads For Amazon Sellers

Over the past 16 months since launching LandingCube, close to a thousand Amazon sellers have used our software to grow their Amazon businesses with external traffic. The vast majority have used LandingCube to run Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads provide sellers access to a huge user base of potential customers and sophisticated tools for targeting people most likely to become a customer.

Still, setting up Facebook Ads and finding success with them is no easy task. There are a lot of moving parts and it can be overwhelming for beginners.

So we made a video course to simplify the whole process.

Who This Course Is For And What It’s About

The video course on How to Promote Amazon Products on Facebook is made up of 12 chapters that show seller exactly how to setup a Facebook Ad account and create their first ad campaign.

The course is designed for beginners, but even intermediate level advertisers will find value in some of the videos.

If you’ve never done Facebook Ads, these videos will show you how to setup your account, setup the Facebook Pixel, understand the different ad formats and targeting methods available and much more.

Lots of Amazon sellers struggled with the very basics of setting up Facebook Ads. We made this course to guide them through getting their first campaign up and running.

Still more Amazon sellers expressed frustrations with their results. They weren’t as successful with Facebook Ads as they had hoped. So, they thought, Facebook Ads just don’t work. But they do work. Lots of people make the same mistakes which doom their campaigns from the get go. We made sure to discuss these mistakes and help people overcome them, so that they can get good results with Facebook Ads – that is get more sales, build a list, get more reviews and boost performance on Amazon, without breaking the bank.

We also included some more advanced tips to really get costs down and performance up.

Did you know that you can show ads on Facebook to people that are similar (based on Facebook’s treasure trove of data) to your past Amazon customers? Well you can, and we show you exactly how (to build lookalike audiences from Amazon customer data) in Chapter 6. 


So without further ado, go check out the video course!