How to Use Amazon Brand Registry to Protect Your Brand

Handling counterfeit goods and intellectual property complaints on the Amazon platform has become a huge focus for Amazon. The goal for Amazon is for every shopper to have an incredible shopping experience. Having a fake or misrepresented product show up at your door falls way short of that goal. That is part of the reason that Amazon introduced the Amazon Brand Registry program.

Amazon Brand Registry 2.0 replaced the initial program and gave brand owners greater control of how their products appear on the Amazon platform. Enrolling your brand in the Brand Registry program helps you control the content on your listings. It protects your intellectual property from being used. You also have access to more features reserved for registered brands on Amazon.

If your brand meets the requirements, you should enroll it as soon as possible to enjoy the incredible benefits of being brand registered. We will cover what the program is, how to get into it, how it can benefit your brand and what steps you should put in place to better protect your brand on Amazon.

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry is a way that brand owners can help protect their name and image on the Amazon platform. Companies with protected intellectual property can enroll in the Amazon Brand Registry platform to better control product content. This helps create a better shopper experience and build more trust in your company’s brand on Amazon.

Enrolling in the Brand Registry program on Amazon gives you more control and influence over your brand’s listings. Registered brands can perform text and image searches for their IP. Amazon also has automated protections in place for registered brands that remove IP violations.

Being in the Brand Registry Program gives you access to more marketing tools in Seller Central: Enhanced Brand Content, Sponsored Brands advertising, the new Brand Dashboard and Amazon Storefronts.

What are the Amazon Brand Registry Requirements?

The requirements for Amazon Brand Registry are straightforward and does not cost anything. Any business or brand with a registered trademark can apply for Brand Registry. The trademark needs to be a text-based mark or image-based mark with words, letters or numbers. You also need to have your mark registered in each country that you plan to apply for Brand Registry in.

Amazon requires that the text of the trade mark matches the brand name that is on the application. They also require – but do not tell you on the page – that you need to have a website for your brand and use an email registered to that website domain to submit the Amazon Brand Registry application. Currently, Amazon accepts trademarks filed in the following jurisdictions for Brand Registry: US, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Australia, India, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK and European Union.

The Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry

Fend-off Other Sellers & Protect Your IP

The primary benefit of Brand Registry on Amazon is that you can protect  your brand on the platform and easily identify IP violations. As the brand registered owner, you get content priority over third-party sellers on Amazon. If your content is not showing up you can send an email to Seller Support and they should correct the issue.

You can also find other sellers using your images, logo or brand name with Amazon’s search tools. Manufacturers can create an exact version of your product and use your IP to market it on Amazon. Using the Report a Violation tool in Brand Registry allows you to open a case and then escalate it to have the issue handled.

Amazon has also created internal processes to help brand-registered owners. Amazon crawls their pages looking for instances where your trademarked images are used by other sellers. They will also help prevent sellers from listing your product on the platform if they are from a country you do not manufacture or distribute in. Sellers that use your brand’s trademarked terms in the listings will also be stopped. Finally, Amazon has created a dedicated support group for Brand Registry to help you deal with these issues.

Showcasing Your Brand

Another benefit of Amazon Brand Registry is the marketing features. Certain features in Seller Central are only reserved for Brand Registered Sellers. Enrollment in Brand Registry on Amazon allows you to create a brand storefront. You can feature your products and then use Sponsored Brands advertising to drive traffic to it. Utilizing these two features can provide you unique insights through the storefront analytics

Amazon also released the Brand Dashboard. The dashboard allows you to view analytics about who is shopping and buying from your brand. This can be helpful for crafting your marketing messages on and off of Amazon.

How to Protect Your Brand with Amazon Brand Registry

The first step to protecting your brand on Amazon is to enroll in Amazon Brand Registry. You need a registered trademark to complete this step and it can represent a significant investment for smaller brands. Investing in your brand is important in the long-term and you should protect your intellectual property as soon as possible. Buying a domain and creating a website can be done quickly and for a small cost. You should do this even if you only plan to sell your brand on Amazon.

You can then start focusing on protecting your content on Amazon after you are approved. One step you can take to protect your images is to add a small logo of your brand in every picture except main photo. This will prevent other sellers from using your imagery on their product listings.

Amazon will protect your text mark IP on the platform, but it still will miss a lot. That’s why you need to regularly access Amazon Brand Services to review possible violations of your trademarked brand name. Using the Amazon Brand Registry search will display every result that has your brand name or variations of it for you to review.

Amazon brand registry image search

Wrapping Up: Protecting Your Brand with Amazon Brand Registry

Amazon Brand Registry provides you with powerful tools to help maintain brand reputation. The requirements of being in the program are not overly restrictive, so the program is highly accessible for every Amazon Seller. As soon as your application is approved you will enjoy the benefits of the Brand Registry program and gain access to new marketing tools to help you grow faster on Amazon.

Creating an internal process for your company will help protect your IP and brand reputation. It will also provide a better shopping experience for customers. Most importantly it will help simplify and relieve your counterfeiting worries on Amazon.

Protecting your brand image on Amazon will be a never-ending battle. Taking these steps can help make the process slightly easier for you.