Amazon Feedback And Reviews: Why They Matter & How to Get Them?


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Creating a profitable business on Amazon depends on many factors; among them, Amazon feedback and Amazon reviews. 

They are two very different things, yet many sellers get confused and often mistake one for another. 

Indeed, Amazon feedback, also known as seller feedback, is your customer’s opinion about your business. The Amazon review, on the other hand, is specific to the product, determining its quality and functionality.

In this article, we aim to shed some light on the matter. What is the difference between them and which is more important for your business.

What Is Seller Feedback And Why Does It Matter?

As we already mentioned, Amazon feedback is your customer’s opinion about your business. It utilizes a 1-5 rating system, with five being the highest feedback you can get. This feedback focuses on how you performed as a seller, including packaging, delivery, as well as after-sales customer support. 

Your seller feedback affects you in more than one way: 

  • It determines your metrics as a seller and your relationship with the marketplace: Amazon utilizes various metrics to monitor seller performance and grade their sellers. The higher your feedback, the higher your performance and seller ranking. Low feedback or recurrent negative judgments can lead to your account being restricted.
  • It determines your seller ranking: Your feedback tells Amazon how well you’re doing compared to your competitors. Based on this metric, it determines your position on the search page. 
  • It influences product ranking and exposure: Obviously, the higher you rank as a seller, the higher your products will rank. This makes it easier for your potential customers to find your product. An easy way to rank higher is by offering stellar support to your clients to get high seller feedback.
  • It influences the conversion rate and chances of winning the Buy Box: Shoppers are more likely to buy from sellers with a good feedback rating. If your customers are not happy with your services, it’s less likely you will win the Buy Box. And your conversion rates will suffer as a result. 
  • It impacts your brand reputation and customer loyalty: At the end of the day, your seller feedback has a huge impact on your brand reputation and customer loyalty. That’s why you should always aim for the highest possible score.

What Are Product Reviews And Why Does They Matter?

While Amazon feedback is your shopper’s opinion on your services and performance as a seller, the Amazon review is your shopper’s opinion about the product you sell. Like the feedback, it varies on a scale from 1 to 5. And besides the star rating, your customers can also leave a comment expressing their opinion and experience with the product. 

This is a separate metric from your seller feedback, and it affects you in a different way. 

Indeed, each buyer who has bought the item from you can leave a product review under your listing. So it affects your product’s conversion rate and sales

In some cases – especially if you’re selling third-party branded products – buyers can also leave a review even if they didn’t buy the product from you or from Amazon. 

While this rating doesn’t affect your performance as a seller, it can have a negative impact on your conversion rates and sales.

In fact, shoppers are unlikely to buy a product with a low star rating and poor reviews. Whereas your conversion rate and sales will rise exponentially if the product ratings and reviews are positive.

Product reviews can affect your performance in the marketplace because: 

  • Buyers trust the reviews on Amazon: This marketplace is known worldwide for its pro-consumer policies, including the obsession to actively defend the integrity of the reviews. A lack of reviews or too many bad ones would negatively affect your conversion rate and sales; however, all it takes is a few positive reviews to boost your sales and grow your business. 
  • Shoppers can vent their opinion about your product: While the seller feedback gives shoppers the chance to share their opinion about you, the reviews are geared exclusively towards the product. This is a great advantage, especially if one of the products you sell has some flaws. Indeed, product reviews – positive or negative – won’t influence your seller rating. This means that you can still enjoy good brand reputation and sell your products that are judged positively by the shoppers, even if one of your items doesn’t enjoy huge popularity or has some negative reviews.
  • Product reviews create valuable market research: Product reviews can help you boost your sales by finding out what your shoppers like and dislike and amending your product accordingly. If you know how to use them, product reviews are nothing but constructive criticism that can help you overcome competition. 

Amazon Feedback vs. Review: Which One Is More Important?

Amazon feedback and Amazon reviews are two separate metrics that affect your ability to sell on the marketplace. The two are intertwined, and in short, they both are extremely important

Amazon feedback has a huge impact on your seller metrics and ability to sell on Amazon. If your score is too low, the marketplace might apply restrictions on your account or cancel it altogether. 

Amazon reviews can increase or decrease your conversion rates and chances of gaining more sales .

You should focus on  performing well as a qualified seller first. Then make efforts to  improve and expand your business. 

With this in mind and under the premise of maintaining good performance, you should learn how to win more positive reviews and feedback and how to handle the negative comments

How To Handle Feedback and Reviews? 

It is useless to say that the surest  way to getting positive reviews and feedback is by selling the highest quality products and providing stellar customer support. Yet, most shoppers will not leave you feedback or reviews if you don’t ask them. Here are a few simple tactics that have been shown to help get more feedback and reviews 

  1. The first and most important thing is to offer exceptional customer support. If the buyer contacts you for an issue, go above and beyond to solve it, then ask them to leave feedback. 
  2. Insert after-sales notes inside the package, politely asking for a review and feedback. A simple thank you  and a reminder goes a long way.
  3. Answer any negative opinions promptly. Buyers can change their reviews or feedback if you go above and beyond to solve their issues or answer their concerns. While Amazon doesn’t allow sellers to explicitly ask for a positive review or feedback, there are high chances that your buyer will change negative feedback to a positive one if you show that you care.
  4. Utilize review and feedback request tools, such as AMZFinder. This tool helps you manage your after-sale email follow-up, thanking your customers for the purchase, and reminding them to leave feedback and reviews. It gives you the possibility to customize your campaigns and alerts you of negative reviews and feedback, so you can manage your seller account and increase the chances of getting positive ratings. 
  5. Another trick is to build relationships with professional reviewers. You can either offer your product at a discount or run test campaigns allowing reviewers to check out your product. 

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Wrapping It All Up 

Amazon feedback and Amazon reviews can be your best allies or your greatest enemies in the battle of becoming one of the top-rated sellers on the marketplace. 

The first step to building a solid reputation and a strong brand name is by selling high-quality products and providing great customer support. 


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Apart from the obvious, though, you must also learn how to encourage your customers to leave a product review or seller feedback. Remember that your shoppers are busy people, and rating you isn’t their top priority, even if they loved your product. 

With this in mind, the easiest way to achieve your goal is with the help of a feedback request tool, such as AMZFinder. By using a feedback request tool, you can focus more on providing excellent services and less on chasing your customers.So you can win more reviews and feedback, raise your seller profile and the chances of winning the Buy Box, and ultimately increase your conversion rates and sales. Just what you need to build a thriving business on Amazon.


Discover a better way to rank products from external traffic, like Facebook, Google and TikTok, with LandingCube promo pages.

Try it free for 21 days.

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