2-Step Storefront URLs for Amazon Ranking [Case Study]

2 step url for amazon keyword ranking

There’s been a lot of discussion among Amazon sellers about the ability of 2-step Storefront URLs to rank keywords on Amazon. But not a lot of hard data and evidence to verify if they work.

So LandingCube user, Dave, wanted to test if a 2-step Storefront URL could be used to rank his highest traffic keyword. 

TLDR: Driving sales through a 2-step Storefront URL helped Dave’s product rank on Page 1 and get the Amazon’s Choice badge for his top keyword.

Launching a Product Without 2-Step URLs

Dave owns an Arts & Craft supplies e-commerce brand, and recently started selling on Amazon. Because he sold on Shopify for years before launching on Amazon, he has a sizable email list.

He used LandingCube to launch his first Amazon product. He emailed his list about his new product, with a link to a LandingCube promo page.

amazon product launch without 2-step url

The landing page takes just a few minutes to build and beautifully displays the product details. It also makes it super easy to give out discount codes to incentivize sales, boost sales velocity & thus drive keyword rankings.

For the initial launch, Dave didn’t use any keyword-targeted URLs for his promotion. Traffic was sent directly to the Amazon listing. It took several months to rank the product on page 1 for the main keyword. 

A product defect led to some negative reviews, which really hurt the average review rating. So after selling out the remaining units, Dave shut down the listing, with plans to launch an entirely new listing once the product had been improved.

Launching an Amazon Product With 2-Step URLs to Drive Keyword Rankings

Dave had heard a lot of success stories from Amazon sellers who launched products with 2-step URLs. But he hadn’t seen any hard data on whether they worked. So he decided to test this himself. 

For his re-launch, Dave did a similar campaign to the first one. He drove his email list to a LandingCube landing page which offered a 15% promo code. 

But this time, rather than driving traffic straight to the Amazon listing, he used LandingCube’s Redirect URL Builder to send traffic to a 2-Step Storefront URL.

amazon 2-step url builder

When someone clicks through from the landing page, they go to a search results page on Amazon that replicates a keyword search within the seller’s Storefront.

Sales that result give extra boost for that specific keyword. Or so the theory goes. But does it work in reality?

Results of Using 2-Step URL For Product Launch

Dave’s product received 30 sales in 2 weeks, using the tactics described above. His product was ranking on Page 1 for its highest volume keyword, within these two weeks. 

A few days after Dave tracked these sales, he noticed that his product was given the Amazon’s Choice badge for his main keyword.

During this promotion period, Amazon PPC ads were not running. Thus, the increase in keyword rankings were caused directly by this external traffic campaign using the 2-Step URL.

So the results are in, and 2-Step Storefront URLs are quite effective at driving keyword rankings.


Warm traffic vs Cold Traffic

Dave had an existing email list, which allowed him to drive sales at a very low cost. If you are driving cold traffic, it’s going to cost more. But the end results will still lead to higher keyword rankings.

Building your audience now (be it an email list or Messenger list) will help you to launch future products at a low cost. LandingCube can help you build an email & Messenger list to take charge of your business and own your customers. 

Is it TOS compliant?

Dave’s second product launch using showed that 2-Step Storefront URLs are a great way to drive keyword rankings. 

However, many sellers are worried that they might not be TOS-compliant. How aggressive can you be with 2-Step URLs?

Ultimately, you will have to use your own discretion.

Rank Your Amazon Products With LandingCube

According to Dave, LandingCube made the process of using a 2-Step URL to rank his Amazon product super easy. 

Instead of building a landing page from scratch, LandingCube pulls all the essential product details directly from your Amazon listing. And it automates the process of delivering coupon codes. 

LandingCube helps Amazon sellers take advantage of external traffic to rank their Amazon products and get more reviews.

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