How to Create Single Use Amazon Promo Codes

Amazon Seller Central gives you the ability to create single use Amazon promo codes – codes that can only be used once. Single use promo codes are preferable to multi use codes to prevent misuse.

Sometimes multi use promo codes get posted on massive deal websites, and someone buys up all your discounted products. This can result in a significant loss of profit, as well as potential out of stocks.

In this post, we’ll guide you through creating single use promo codes on Amazon, so you can run promotions without being taken advantage of.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Single Use Amazon Promo Codes

  1. First, log in to Seller Central
  2. From the Advertising menu, click Promotions. 
  3. Then, in the ‘Create a Promotion’ tab, click ‘Create’ under ‘Percentage Off’ 
  4. For ‘Step 1: Conditions’
    1. keep ‘Buyer Purchases’ set to ‘At least this quantity of items’ and keep the quantity of items at 1.
    2. For ‘Purchased items’ select the product which you want to run the promotion for.
    3. In the “Buyer gets’ condition, put in the discount percentage you want to offer (Percent off in $ is no longer available). This will vary depending on your goals. Campaigns with higher discounts will likely result in higher conversion rates, although we’ve found that a drop-off occurs after 75%-off. And discounts of 50% + won’t be able to get Verified Purchase reviews.
    4. Leave ‘Applies to’ as ‘Purchased items’ and don’t worry about the Advanced Options. 
  5. For ‘Step 2: Scheduling’
    1. Choose a Start Date that is at least 4 hours in advance. Keep in mind that the time is set in Pacific time. And you may need to change the date if the current time is past 8:00 pm Pacific.
    2. Choose an End Date that lines up with when you want your promotion to end. Long enough to gain traction, but short enough to provide urgency. Something between 1 and 3 weeks from the Start Date usually works well.
    3. Give the ‘Internal Description’ a name that will help you keep track of the campaign. For example, including the product name & the discount percentage.
    4. Don’t change the Tracking ID
  6. Under ‘Step 3: Additional Options’
    1. Beside ‘Claim Code’ select ‘Single-use’
    2. Make sure that the box beside ‘One redemption per customer’ is checked.
  7. Set your “Claim Code Combinability” preference (as we’ll explain below).
  8. Then click, ‘Review’.
  9. Double-check that the promotion is set up as you want it.
    1. ‘At least this quantity of items’ is 1
    2. ‘Buyer gets’ the ‘Percent off’ that you planned to offer.
    3. Claim Code is ‘Single-use claim code required.’
    4. ‘One redemption per customer’ is ‘Yes.’
  10. Click ‘Submit’ and a message that reads ‘Your promotion has been created’ should appear.
  11. Then click ‘View or modify your promotion.’
  12. Next, click ‘Manage claim codes
  13. Then enter a Group Name. Use the same name you used for the Internal Description.
  14. Enter the quantity of codes you wish to create. It should be enough to last the duration of your campaign. 
  15. Click ‘Create’ and the claim code group will begin processing.
  16. Wait until the Status changes from ‘In Progress’ to ‘Ready’ and then click ‘Download’ 
  17. If the Downloaded file is in .zip form, open and unzip it.
  18. Otherwise, upload the file into your coupon delivery tool or save the file in a location you will remember for use later.

Claim Code Combinability

It’s important to understand Claim Code Combinability settings. Making a mistake here could cost you a lot of sales, and a lot of profit.

Claim code combinability set to unrestricted is extremely risky

You’ll have three options:

  • Preferential
  • Unrestricted
  • Exclusive

These options relate to how your single use promo code can be used together with other promotions you may be running.

As an example, you might have a single use code for 30% off, a multi use code for 50% off, and a coupon for 20% off.

Preferential means a custom will only be able to redeem one promotion. They can add more than one to their purchase, but only the promotion with the higher discount will be applied.

In our example, only the 50% off code will be added.

Unrestricted means there are no restrictions. Customers can use as many active promotions as you have going. In our example, someone could theoretically get your product for 100% off (free).

For this reason, it’s quite risky to set your claim code combinability setting to unrestricted.

Exclusive means this promotion can’t be used with any others. In the example, the single use promo code can’t be used together with the coupon or the group code.

This is the safest choice to make, especially if you’re offering a high-value promo code.

Make sure you take care to understand and correctly set claim code combinability settings whenever you create a new promotion. If you’re unsure, always select “Preferential” or “Exclusive”, to be safe.

Automatically deliver single use promotion codes

Single-use promo codes are awesome, because it prevents one person from hogging up all your discounted items.

But some Amazon sellers spend hours every week manually emailing single-use promo codes.

Luckily, LandingCube automates the process of sending single-use Amazon promo codes. When a customer reaches your Amazon landing page and enters their email for the promo code, LandingCube will automatically send them a single-use promo code. Our tool is the industry leader in reliably delivering these promo codes!

How to Upload Single-Use Promo Codes into Your Amazon Landing Page.

  1. First, make sure when creating a new campaign you choose ‘Coupon Page.’ 
  2. Choose a start date & end date that matches the timeframe of the promotion you made in Amazon Seller Central
  3. Build your landing page – fill in the Basics, craft your Design, and make sure to integrate your Email Service Provider. Then you’ll click Save & Continue to reach the Publish section.
  4. On the Publish section of the landing page creator, simply upload the Promo Codes file you downloaded from Amazon. Click the ‘Choose File’ button and select the given file. 
  5. If you want to limit how many promo codes can be given out per day, turn on the ‘Daily promo code limit.’

And that’s it.

We designed this Amazon landing page generator to make it as easy as possible to distribute single-use Amazon promo codes.  All you need is your Amazon listing’s URL and the file of promo codes (which you just learned how to create).

This is how you grow your business by driving external traffic to Amazon. Run promotions, boost your Amazon sales and rankings, and build email lists.

Outrank Your Amazon Competitors With External Traffic
Learn how to drive external traffic to Amazon to build your own list, rank on Page 1 and leave your competitors in the dust! Download our step-by-step guide.
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