How to Find Any Amazon Seller ID in just Two Simple Steps

How to find your amazon seller ID

An Amazon Seller ID, also referred to as Amazon Merchant ID, is a usually 14 letter long string of numbers that can be found in the URL of an Amazon storefront. In this post we teach you how to extract any Seller ID in just two simple steps.

Your Merchant ID is publicly visible, and anyone can find your ID by visiting your storefront. Don’t worry about this – there’s no harm caused by someone knowing your Merchant ID.

Step One: Navigate to an Amazon Product Detail Page

To get an Amazon Seller ID for any item listed to Amazon, simply go to a product listing. Then click the link next to the “sold by” section.

Where to find the Amazon Seller ID

Step Two: Copy the Amazon Seller ID / Merchant ID from the Storefront URL

Wait for the next page to load. You are now on the seller’s storefront. You will be able to spot the Amazon Seller ID (Amazon Merchant ID) in the URL of this page. Locate the Seller ID is right behind the string “seller=”. And that’s it!

Amazon Seller ID in Storefront URL

Use Cases for Your Merchant / Seller ID: Bypass the Buy Box

Did you know you can use your Merchant ID to direct people to buy from you, instead of other sellers on the same listing?

It even works if you don’t have the Buy Box – you can send people to a URL with your Merchant ID embedded, and you will appear in the Buy Box for that person.

You can do this in two ways. First, find the product you want to link to in your storefront, and click through to the product listing.

Double check – it should have your name in the Buy Box, after the “sold by” text.

Now you just have to copy this link and send to prospective buyers.

Alternatively, you can add your Amazon Seller ID to the end of a URL where you’re a seller, and the same thing will happen.

Just take the Amazon product URL, and at the end add &m=[your merchant ID]

Test the URL yourself – you should now show up in the Buy Box.

This is a great way to drive sales and increase the chances of winning the Buy Box if you have other sellers competing on the same listing.

Amazon Seller ID / Merchant ID: In Summary

Follow the steps above to quickly and easily find these identification items for your Amazon Seller account.

There’s a lot of confusion about what each one does – Seller ID and Merchant ID are the same thing. If you use them in a smart way, you can use them to generate precise links that direct shoppers straight to your product listing, regardless of whether you own the buy box or not!

Happy selling 🙂


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