How To Drive Traffic To Your Amazon Listing
Chapter 8

Getting Product Reviews

This chapter assumes you’re using an Amazon landing page tool, such as LandingCube, to capture emails in exchange for promo codes.

There’s another benefit of driving external traffic to your Amazon listing: you’ll be getting more Amazon product reviews.

External traffic is a highly effective way to get more Amazon product reviews. Using the approach outlined here, you’ll get a lot more reviews than usual. Why?

  1. People that received an exclusive discount will be more likely to leave you an honest review. Psychologists call this the Law of Reciprocity – it basically says that when someone does something nice for you, you’ll be likely to do something nice for them in return.
  2. Instead of using Amazon’s seller messaging service, we can send a beautiful “feedback request” email straight to your customer’s actual email address, using an email provider such as MailChimp.

Best of all, the approach outlined here is completely in line with Amazon’s terms and conditions for sellers.

Complying with Amazon’s terms

Amazon updated its policies regarding product reviews in late 2016.

[…] you may not provide compensation (including free or discounted products) for a review. Review solicitations that ask for only positive reviews or that offer compensation are prohibited. You may not ask buyers to modify or remove reviews.

The approach outlined in this chapter makes sure you comply with Amazon’s updated terms.

To comply with Amazon’s terms, we’ll need to make sure of the following:

  • Ask for honest feedback, regardless of it being positive or negative.
  • Don’t require a review in exchange for a discount.

Read on to learn how to get more product reviews using external traffic.

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Step 1: Set up a landing page

First, you’ll want to set up your landing page and your promo discounts. (For detailed instructions, read chapter three.)

Connect your landing page tool to your email tool, so that new email optins will be sent straight to your provider. If you haven’t used an email marketing provider before, give MailChimp a try.

getting amazon product reviews

Step 2: Set up your email autoresponder

Set up an email autoresponder that sends a few days after your new customer gets added to your email marketing tool.

In that email, reference that they got a special deal, and that their feedback is really valuable to you. Here’s a draft email:

Hey there,

Thanks so much for being part of our <product name> promo campaign. The reason I’m talking to you today is:

I’d love to get your feedback.

Yup, I’d love to hear from you and what your thoughts are on <product name>.

>> Click here to send feedback for <product name> <<

Your feedback is super important as it helps us to improve our products. As a small business, it also helps us stay relevant against huge multinational competitors, so we can continue providing you with great, affordable products.

Your feedback really is important to us.

Thanks so much.



Tip: Make sure to link to your Amazon product page in your email.

Step 3: Drive traffic

Last but not least, start driving traffic to your landing page. To get started, set up an AdWords or Facebook ad campaign.

As you can see, adding an email autoresponder to your external traffic campaign is an easy way to get more Amazon reviews, while building an email list and boosting your sales.

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Chapter 9: Conclusion1 minDriving traffic to your Amazon listings is an essential part of building a sustainable business.

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