How to get more Amazon product reviews to build customer trust and grow your business.
Chapter 9


In this guide we’ve discussed how to get more Amazon reviews to grow your business.


In the first chapter we described why Amazon reviews are so important.

In chapter two we introduced incentivized reviews, gave a brief history of how Amazon sellers have tried to game the review system, and how Amazon has fought to prevent review manipulation.

In chapter three we talked about what makes a good review, how to respond to negative reviews, the difference between product reviews and seller feedback, and Verified Purchase tags.

After discussing key concepts and providing a solid context for understanding reviews, we detailed practical strategies for getting more product reviews:

  • Chapter four discusses using product inserts to get more reviews.
  • Chapter five went over two types of software tools for generating reviews.
  • Chapter six explained how to craft emails for soliciting reviews.
  • Chapter seven discussed Facebook retargeting for Amazon reviews.

The Bottom Line

No matter if you’re launching your first product, or if you’re trying to get reviews for your 100th product, getting reviews is essential for growing your Amazon business. Learning different ways to get more reviews will give you an edge, and help you build a brand that will be around for the long-term.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!

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– Thomas Pruchinski, marketing director of LandingCube.


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