How to get more Amazon product reviews to build customer trust and grow your business.
Chapter 8

Facebook Retargeting for Amazon Reviews

Another, more advanced, strategy for getting more Amazon reviews is by using retargeting ads. In this chapter, we provide a brief overview of Facebook retargeting for Amazon reviews, along with how to enable and execute this approach. 

Facebook Retargeting for Amazon Reviews

Retargeting is when you show ads to people who have taken a certain action. In this case, we are going to be showing ads to people who have bought our product on Amazon. The ad will ask them to leave a review.

This strategy is made possible by collecting emails on a promotional landing page. In the chapter on Amazon review tools, we discussed how to collect emails by using promotional landing pages. 

If you integrate your promotional landing page with the Facebook Pixel, you can track conversions. That is, you know if people claimed a coupon code and clicked-through to Amazon. Then you can build a list of all the people who claimed a promo code and clicked-through to Amazon, and you can use this list as a custom audience on Facebook to target ads to. 

For more detailed instructions on Facebook retargeting ads, see the chapter on Facebook Retargeting Ads for Amazon Products in our guide to driving traffic to Amazon. 


For the ad itself, keep the copy simple. Something like:

“Hey did you enjoy your [product]? If so, please leave us a review.

It really helps our small business gain traction. And it helps other customers make more informed purchase decisions.

Click the link to go to Amazon, then go to Your Orders and leave a review for [product].”

For the website URL, use a direct link that will take them to the “Your Reviews” page of their Amazon account. Here’s that link:

As for the ad image, include an image of your product and maybe a big “Thank you”.

Here’s an example of a Facebook Ad for generating product reviews.

an example of a Facebook Ad for generating product reviews.

Note all the elements of the ad and one element that is not there. I chose ‘No button’ for the Call to Action, because none of the other options fit well with this review request.

As an alternative to an image, you can make a short video and include the following:

  1. Thanking the customer for buying your product.
  2. Express hope that they are getting a lot of value out of it, and mention the main benefits.
  3. Ask them if they can leave a quick review and explain how to do that. Tell them it is very helpful (appeal to their nobler motives).

Remember, you can’t promise them anything in return for the review.

Retargeting for Amazon Reviews: In Summary

Retargeting ads is another creative way to get more product reviews on Amazon.

Chapter 9: Conclusion1 minGetting product reviews is an essential part of gaining traction and building a business on Amazon.

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