How to get more Amazon product reviews to build customer trust and grow your business.
Chapter 1

Why Amazon Product Reviews Are So Important For Sellers

This is the first chapter of the Ultimate Guide to Getting Amazon Product Reviews. In this guide you’ll learn everything you need to know about Amazon reviews.

This first chapter explains why Amazon product reviews are so important for sellers.

Later chapters detail practical tactics for getting more reviews, all without breaking Amazon’s Terms of Service.

Why Amazon Product Reviews are So Important

Product reviews are very important for Amazon sellers – it’s very hard to get sales on Amazon without them.

Amazon product reviews are important because they build trust.

Your products cannot compete without reviews.

Most customers will not buy a product with zero reviews.

Reviews build trust for a product.

Psychologists have a fancy term for this phenomena: social influence.

Social Influence in Amazon Product Reviews

Psychologists distinguish between two types of social influence – normative and informational. Reviews work in both ways- as norms and information (social proof).

Normative Social Influence

Shoppers can estimate which of two products are more popular based on how many reviews each has. If Product 1 has zero reviews and Product 2 has 100, we conclude that Product 2 is more popular. Thus, many shoppers will chose Product 2. This is normative social influence.

Most people do not want to be the first person to buy a new product. Even when a new iPhone comes out, only a limited percentage of people want to get it right away. And the Apple iPhone is an established brand – it has built up significant name recognition and trust. Most brands on Amazon have zero name recognition.

As a product gathers more reviews, people who reach the product page will be more likely to actually buy it. Other people bought this product and liked it. So the more reviews a product has, the less likely it will disappoint.

Thus, reviews also serve as valuable information.

Informational Social Influence – aka Social Proof

The biggest downside of buying online is the information mismatch. As a shopper, you can’t actually see, touch, feel or test a product before purchasing. Reviews help mitigate this information mismatch.

Without reviews, online shoppers are at an information disadvantage. The only information available is what the seller provides on the Amazon page (title, images, bullet points, description, etc). Consumers expect that sellers and vendors will talk up their product. They expect sellers to highlight the benefits of their products. Not the downsides.

Reviewers, however, don’t have a stake in the future sales of the product. So reviews are much less biased than sales pages. Reviews provide potential buyers valuable information. Does the actual product match the description of the product on the sales page? Does the product look, feel and perform as promised?

Potential customers trust reviewers more than sellers. Nearly 12x more according to a study conducted by eMarketer. But some reviews are more trustworthy than others…

In the next chapter, we’ll discuss incentivized reviews and how Amazon banned them to keep their review system trustworthy.

Chapter 2: A Brief History of Incentivized Reviews (Gaming the Review System)3 minLearn about the cat-and-mouse struggle between review manipulation by sellers and Amazon’s attempts to maintain review integrity.

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