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LandingCube gives you everything you need to convert external traffic into customers.

Create Beautiful Landing Pages In Less Than 3 Minutes

Our beautiful landing pages are optimized to sell a ton of units. They look great on all devices and load lightning fast, so you can make more sales.

Our landing pages include scarcity elements, branding options, product images, a product desription, 5-star reviews, videos & FAQs. Best of all, building a landing page takes less than 3 minutes.

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Capture Emails With Ease

LandingCube gives you the option to capture emails in exchange for coupon codes. Once you capture someone’s email, you can market to her in the future. The possibilities are nearly endless: create your own product launch list, drive sales or stay in touch with customers using a weekly newsletter.

Building an email list lets you reduce your reliance on Amazon while building a loyal customer base. (LandingCube is fully compliant with Amazon’s terms of service.)

Deliver Single-Use Promo Codes

LandingCube automates the cumbersome process of manually emailing out single-use promo codes. Using single-use promos, you can boost your sales, rankings & BSR.

Integrates With Your Favorite Email Marketing Tool

Easily send your email subscribers to your favorite email marketing tool.

Using another tool? Send your contacts to any of 750+ apps using our Zapier integration.

Sophisticated Conversion Tracking & Retargeting

LandingCube comes with powerful 1-click integrations for Google Analytics and the Facebook Pixel. We’ll automatically record all conversion events happening on your site. Using this information, you’ll be able to track AdWords & Facebook conversions, and create powerful retargeting audiences.

Using another tool? No problem - you can add any analytics, conversion tracking or retargeting code using our “custom scripts” setting.

Google Analytics

Facebook Pixel

Custom Scripts

Protect Your Inventory

Accidetally running out of stock due to a promo campaign gone wrong can be a seller’s worst nightmare. Easily protect your inventory with our anti-abuse settings.

  • Require email opt-in. (Requires your customer to enter his email to access his promo code.)
  • Verify email address. (Requires your customer to click a confirmation link in his inbox.)
  • Limit promos to one code per email address.
  • Limit promos to one code per IP address.
  • Block temporary email addresses, such as
  • Limit the daily number of coupons you send for each campaign.

A Few More Delightful Features.

Ultra-Fast Hosting On

Hosting your landing pages on our domain lets you benefit from ultra-fast load-times.

Embed On Your Site

Add your landing page to your site with ease by pasting our embed code.

Filter & Export Contacts

Filter your contacts by campaign, ASIN or status, and export them with a click.

Email Notifications

Get email alerts when you’re about to run out of promo codes, so you can pause your ad campaign.

Artificial Scarcity

Boost your conversion rates with our scarcity features (countdown timer, “coupons left” indicator).

Display 5-Star Reviews

Automatically import your last 5-star reviews from Amazon to your landing page.

Video Player

Easily add your video from YouTube, Wystia, Vimeo, or any other major video host to your landing page.

FAQ Section

Add a FAQ section to your landing page, so you can address objections, such as “Why are you giving away discounts?”.

Rotating Super URLs

Boost your rankings by sending traffic to your listing using super URLs. You can even randomly rotate your Super URLs, so you can target multiple keywords.

Track Performance

Get email alerts when you’re about to run out of promo codes, so you can pause your ad campaign.

Daily Coupon Limit

Limit the daily number of coupons you send for each campaign, so you can create longer-lasting campaigns and protect your inventory.

Amazon USA, Canada, India and Europe

LandingCube works with,, and all European market places. Landing pages for,, and will be served in each country's native language.

Experience Landing Pages Built For Your Business.

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